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Obama 'Concerned' Over Pardon Of Killer

President Barack Obama says the pardoning of a convicted killer by Azerbaijan's president will hurt efforts at regional reconciliation.President Barack Obama says the pardoning of a convicted killer by Azerbaijan's president will hurt efforts at regional reconciliation.
President Barack Obama says the pardoning of a convicted killer by Azerbaijan's president will hurt efforts at regional reconciliation.
President Barack Obama says the pardoning of a convicted killer by Azerbaijan's president will hurt efforts at regional reconciliation.
The White House says President Barack Obama is "deeply concerned" after Azerbaijan's president pardoned a soldier who killed a fellow officer from Armenia. 

According to a National Security Council spokesman, Obama felt the decision by Ilham Aliyev to pardon the convicted killer Ramil Safarov was "contrary  to ongoing efforts to reduce regional tensions and promote reconciliation. 

The spokesman, Tommy Vietor, said Washington was also seeking an explanation from Budapest as to why it decided to extradite Safarov back to Azerbaijan. 

Safarov had been serving a life sentence in Hungary for the 2004 axe murder of Gurgen Markarian. 

The two were in the Hungarian capital at the time attending a course organized by NATO.

Armenia has already cut diplomatic ties with Hungary and put its troops on "high alert." 

Azerbaijan and Armenia fought a war in the 1990s over the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh.

Based on AFP and AP reporting
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by: Al from: FR
September 01, 2012 07:23
"Obama 'Concerned' Over Pardon Of Killer"
"Concerned" is the least of things he can be. Armenian-American community expects a lot more.

by: Taleen from: Belgium
September 01, 2012 16:31
RAMSHIDOV - Hey, listen, I have got a good idea, I am so enthusiastic with this!!!

GOATMIZOV - Hey, tell me right now what you have, I am so curious about....

RAMSHIDOV - Let's go to Hungary to axe some armenians there..

GOATMIZOV - Hmm, sounds attractive, we will become heroes!! But why in Hungary??

RAMSHIDOV - Because Karabakh is protected now, so it is necessary to find them somewhere else.
And plus, our President is very nice, he will buy us back to home from there, you must not worry about ;)

GOATMIZOV - Ok, let's go then!
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by: alov
September 02, 2012 21:45
What a nazi you are if you compare Azeris to rams and goats. Nazis compared Jews to rats and you follow the same path. This hateful, nazi attitude of you and many Armenians towards Azeris feeds hatred on the other side.

by: Sam
September 01, 2012 20:05

by: Yaqub from: Izmir, Turkey
September 01, 2012 21:22
As a Turk I dont support the pardon of this guy but remember that several years ago Italy released the infamous Samvel Babayan. This guy had nailed a 10-year old kid to the wall and skinned him alive and was so proud of it he wrote a book about it. So mr. Obama, any concerns regarding Babayan?
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by: AA
September 02, 2012 09:36
To Yaqub: Where did you take from that stupid fable regarding Samvel Babayan?!
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by: 1915 from: ubiquitous
September 02, 2012 11:10
You just made up this story or you are like many of your compatriots victim of your government's propaganda machine?
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by: Incognito
September 02, 2012 15:53
Now I don't like Obama, did not vote for him. Don't plan on doing it this time, but Obama didn't say anything because this never happened!! Just googled. No such story ANYWHERE. If you are going to make accusations then include a link.
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by: An Armenian
September 03, 2012 00:31
Dear Ingonito,

I hope the following URL finds you well.


All I did was google "Tommy Vietor Safarov" and up came that page.
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by: A Citizen of Globe from: England
September 04, 2012 15:37
'Yaqub' from Turkey,
Total bonkers! Have you been paid to make up obscene stories on the net?! The only time Samvel has been arrested has been at home, not in Italy, and for internal reasons... Besides, Samvel is NOT a hero and an example to the young and old, neither in Karabakh nor in Armenia. So your ridiculous claim is not only lacking evidence, but is contrary to the wretched point of a comparison you are trying to make there!

by: Avetis from: Armenia
September 03, 2012 15:32
What happened in Hungary was typical Western/NATO style provocation followed up by typical Turkic behavior. Armenia reserves the right to have the rabid animal in question killed. I hope Russia's special services can provide Yerevan with some assistance with that regard.

Nevertheless, this was a great opportunity to again show our Hollywood-struck peasantry and Democracy Now(!) idiots in Armenia and in the diaspora the true face of not only Turkic peoples but that of the political West as well. Don't fool yourselves into thinking this is an isolated incident involving only Hungary. The British did something very similar with the Lockerbie bomber couple of years ago.

The point being here is that Western leaders are of the type that would sell their mothers and daughters into prostitution to make a quick profit. The Western world today is totally devoid of compassion, morality, cultural creativity, patriotism, family and God. Western Globalism has turned westerners into animals only concerned about self-gratification.

Western-leaning idiots in Yerevan need to come to the realization that Armenia's future lies with Russia and only Russia. Closer and deeper cooperation with the Russian Federation and the Islamic Republic of Iran is Armenia's only way forward in the Caucasus. Anyone that does not agree with this is either an agent of the West or an idiot.

After all this, Yerevan needs to -

Officially recognize Arthakh's independence or fully annex the territory.

Start negotiations with Russian officials to join the Eurasian Union.

Shut down any "news" organization or NGO in Armenia that is not homegrown and/or operating with funds being brought from European or American sources.

Stop using English as the second language in the republic (Armenian youth would be better off learning Russian, German, French... and why not Persian, Chinese and Hindi).

Cut ties with NATO (what is it good for?).

Cut ties with Globalist institutions such as the IMF and USAID (they pose an immense danger to the healthy and well being of developing nations).

Finally, cut ties with Washington (has been and will always be an anti-Armenian vipers nest).

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