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400,000 Unregistered Afghan Refugees Face Deportation By Pakistan

Afghan women and their children are pictured at a UNHCR registration center on the outskirts of Peshawar, Pakistan, in June.
Afghan women and their children are pictured at a UNHCR registration center on the outskirts of Peshawar, Pakistan, in June.
Some 400,000 unregistered Afghan refugees are facing possible deportation from Pakistan after a deadline for them to register expires on June 30.

Pakistan is home to some 1.7 million registered Afghan refugees, contributing to its role as the

Pakistani officials say they can no longer also carry the burden of an additional 400,000 undocumented Afghans in the northwest province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Provincial Information Minister Mian Iftikhar Hussain said police have compiled lists of illegal Afghans and, once the June 30 deadline passes, will arrest unregistered Afghans for a court appearance and deportation back to Afghanistan.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees says fighting between Pakistan's army and Taliban militants in the province's Swat Valley has displaced more than 1.5 million people since the start of May, putting enormous pressure on state and provincial social services.

Afghanistan is the leading source of refugees, according to UN figures from 2011, accounting for 2.7 million people.
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by: Khan from: London
June 29, 2012 16:45
I believe their aim is to beg for more money from the international community in the name of Afghans, so they can spend it all on themselves. give more money to these beggers so they can shut their mouth .....
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by: Bashir
June 29, 2012 20:52
It is also a way to put pressure on Afghanistan if these people get sent back it creates problems for Afghanistan economy.
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by: Carlos from: United States
July 01, 2012 17:47
You don't know about economy. It will actually boost the Afghan economy... many of these refugees have family in western countries and they recieve money every month. Currently which is spent inside Pakistan but if they go to Afghanistan then they will spend the money there and that helps the businesses of Afghanistan. I feel that this is a game played by NATO-Afghan politics to make Pakistan force them out. It obviously harms Pakistan reputation and benefits the others.
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by: sushshaf from: sydney
June 29, 2012 23:07
No UNHCR is giving $150 to each person. Some families have upwards of 30 members after being in Pakistan for a couple of generations. Whereas they might only earn $600 a year in Pakistan this money is given to them by UNHCR and represents potentially $4500 per family. They will also be given land by the Afghani government. (see other news stories) The Pakistanis are not handling the money at all.
Also Pakistan has a computerised national ID card system. In effect Pakistan is kicking out anyone not on the system.
So Pakistan is cleaning house and if Taliban or whatever you want to call them are kicked out as well then good riddens.
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by: pakistani-american from: USA
June 30, 2012 19:08
$150 per person per year = 42 cents per day, I guess that is a significant contribution (NOT!).

We have a saying in Pakistan that in times of need, a handful of wheat is more than mountains of gold in times of plenty.

Imagine, that after giving a home, to millions of people, for 30+ years, they hate the Pakistani people. A word stronger than ungrateful needs to be found for these people.

They (the refugees) should be accommodated by India or other Western countries (let's see how that works out).
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by: Jinnah Moderchod from: Hindustan
July 01, 2012 17:33
Hahaha, you're that anti-Afghanistan Paki Wikipedia editor "User:Mar4d" who justed edited "Afghans in Pakistan" article and live as a Paki refugee in Australia.

In October 2007, Paki President Musharraf forced some poor refugees, in the same month Allah unleashed a major earthquake on Pakistan in which 80,000+ Pakistanis died, 2 million more were made refugees and the entire Pakistan's buildings were damaged. The next day Paki President Musharraf shamefully appeared on TV (wearing dark glasses) begging the world for donations, charity and help. Akkkhthooo on you!

If these Afghans go to Afghanistan the economy of Afghanistan will be boosted. But the reason they're not leaving is because Paki media shows 1990s images of Afghanistan to confuse and misguide the refugees.

Pakistan is a failed state because its citizens are frauds, thieves, dishonest, disorganized and don't love your country, if you did they wouldn't be fleeing to non-Muslim America, Australia, UK and other countries where they cause terrorism and fill their jails.

These Afghan refugees are not the ones doing terrorism in Pakistan, your own people are doing it but you blame all the negative things on the helpless poors. Entire Pakistan population support radical terrorist Muslims because that's their only defense to save Pakistan from becoming India again. Long live India!
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by: ishi from: pakistan
July 03, 2012 07:11

by: pakistani-american from: USA
June 29, 2012 20:54
The afghan refugees in Pakistan should be absorbed by countries that are concerned with the well being of Afghans and profess Afghan-philia.

Afghans by and large hate the Pakistani people and would be better off in India and the countries the constitute NATO.

India and the countries the constitute NATO should accept them with open arms.

Sign a petition to support this here:
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by: Jinnah Moderchod from: Hindustan
July 01, 2012 17:39
You're that anti-Afghan/anti-India Wikipedia editor "User:TopGun". You and User:Mar4d are the defense force of failed Pakistan, hahaha.

America and NATO, including Australia, should deport all Pakis back to their failed miserable country where they have no more electricity, no more water, no more gas, and where everyone kill and rob each other. Shame on you for talking against these Afghans who were forced to leave their country in the 1980s to save your Pakistan from USSR invasion. In the end you treat them this way, that 2007 earthquake which destroyed Pakistan was in fact from Allah, to punish Pakis like you.

by: Anonymous
June 29, 2012 21:43
Afghans should go back to Afghanistan and organize their country. why stay in Pakistan?
Pakistan cannot even cope with its own population (education, poverty, crime, suicide attacks, inundations, etc.).
Too many innocent people get killed, including Pakistani and Afghan Pashtuns and Pakistani Shia, etc.

Afghanistan should also create more opportunities for its people. cannot believe that there is so much nepotism. where exactly is development in these two countries palpable???
This picture above really shows that much more needs to be done in many areas. The kids do not even see the faces of their mothers if they're not somewhere at home. Incredible. Not against veils and modesty but this is really kind of strange. women probably feel very dispossessed.
All this talk about modernization. endless war. women still get exploited, discriminated against, humiliated, deprived of their rights and all this even in "karzai-NATO-forces-land".

maybe it will sound harsh, but one learns a lot about a society if one sees how foreigners, women and children are treated and if one looks at which values precisely are upheld and important to people in a specific society.
not understandable why there is that little progress. is the dynamicity of groups and the pressure of certain segments of society that strong that other people do not dare to change things? is the violence that destructive? do many people not embrace different values? or are money and poverty and a lack of education so powerful as to cause that much trouble? sometimes, it's really confusing. these societies are enigmas in some way or another.

by: Jinnah Moderchod from: Hindustan
July 01, 2012 19:02
I believe this is NATO's plan to topple Pakistan by making Pakistan deport Afghans and then the world see that Muslims are cruel... then these native Pashtuns (labelled as Afghan refugees) will focus on doing suicide bombings inside Pakistan... that way NATO can rebuild Afghanistan and leave on time in 2014 at which point Pakistan will be a living hell and the international community will not bother to help them.

Muslims killing Muslims, and now Muslims deporting Muslims.
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by: A. Jolie from: New York
July 02, 2012 10:57
i read all ur comments, ur an interesting person, and i think you meant tat once pakistan deports them it'ill catch taliban attention, who will then switch from fighting the afghan gov to fighting the pakistani gov. i gree u may be right.

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