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Unscrambling Rogozin's Flight To Russia

Dmitry Rogozin's taunting tweet shows him outside Moscow's Domodedovo airport.Dmitry Rogozin's taunting tweet shows him outside Moscow's Domodedovo airport.
Dmitry Rogozin's taunting tweet shows him outside Moscow's Domodedovo airport.
Dmitry Rogozin's taunting tweet shows him outside Moscow's Domodedovo airport.
It's been a busy few days for Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

On May 9, he bragged on Twitter about being able to land in Transdniester, Moldova's Moscow-backed separatist region, despite EU travel sanctions.

Now, he is claiming to be safely back in Moscow after eluding Ukrainian fighter jets bent on intercepting his plane.

And oh, he also threatened to bomb Romania.

Rogozin, a former NATO envoy, was in Transdniester to attend celebrations marking the victory over Nazi Germany in World War II.

He is on the list of top Russian officials slapped by EU and U.S. sanctions in the wake of Russia's annexation of Crimea from Ukraine.

A prolific Twitter user, Rogozin has posted a string of messages from Moldova's breakaway region, including one vowing to wipe out fascism with "a bullet in the head" -- a particularly grim pledge considering Moscow has branded all Ukrainian pro-democracy activists neo-Nazis.

Early on May 10, he claimed Romania and Ukraine barred him from entering their airspace. "Next time," he quipped, "I'll fly on a TU-160" bomber.

Three hours later, after saying he was "flying out despite the ban," Rogozin tweeted that Ukrainian fighter jets had turned back his plane.

But he then immediately posted a photo of himself smiling mischievously against the backdrop of Moscow's Domodedovo airport, leaving viewers scratching their heads.

Meanwhile, Russian officials who had accompanied Rogozin to Transdniester confirmed their aircraft had been turned back by Ukrainian warplanes and forced to land in Chisinau.

But Russian lawmaker Leonid Slutsky, who was part of the Russian delegation, said Rogozin was not aboard the government jet and had returned to Moscow on a regular flight instead.

While the Russian minister's antics might have amused some readers, Romania and Ukraine might not be so impressed.

Ukraine's Foreign Ministry dismissed Rogozin's claims as a "fantasy."

Romania's foreign ministry, in turn, urged Moscow to clarify its stance on Rogozin's threat to use a bomber in its airspace.

Such remarks, it said, constitute a "very serious statement in the current regional context."

-- Claire Bigg
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by: Citizen x from: Romania
May 10, 2014 17:43
Wow, I don't know if I should laugh or cry.
Well I guess I should laugh since the russian deputy prime minister is such a buffon and I should cry since buffons like these hold power in Russia.
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by: Citizen Y from: Europe
May 11, 2014 22:12
It's sad that such dimwit is allowed to bark freely. It seems that all asylums in Russia are at full capacity.

by: Bohemio from: Prague
May 10, 2014 18:10
Ladies and gentlemen, excuse this man's stupidity. He only recieved education in Russia eh Soviet Union unlike the children of his Kremlin mafia who are now studying in best European schools and propably being taught how to behave like a human being in the process.
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
May 12, 2014 16:43
You got it all wrong.
The USSR was temporary deal between non-Russian nations
and Russian Bolsheviks, Imperial maniacs, which threatened
to ally with Hitler and exterminate them, if stronger Union
wouldn't be formed - pinning it on inferior genetics.
However, when non-Russian nations sent some of
their best to industrialize, before and after the 1936,
as Union was formed, Russian Bolsheviks and their
monarchists, along with just racism of the inferiority,
periodically made pogroms and killed the specialists,
Jews, Pols, Georgians and all the rest. 1941 betrayal
of USSR by them, started with helping Hitler to power
in 1930-th and promising him victory was applied after
WW2 to scare Russian Leading elite by German Nazi
leftovers in occupied by Nazis territories - USSR west.
Hate to non Russians by Russian elite put Stalin under
house arrest, Spring of 1947, rolled back restoration of
Common Wealth of Independent Nations, invaded East
Europe and former republics, calling for "Cold War" and
since 1954-56 made secret oral pact - resurrect empires.
It is how Russian "Mafia" reinstated itself and race wars.
In 1955 they killed some 150,000 mostly Georgians and
in 1956, following anti-Stalin lies, replaced all employees
of all levels, from Government to small companies by the
Russians, dispersed Parliament of Nations with the influx
of even larger and faster Russian occupiers to repopulate
non Russian lands and property. To make world to accept
their lies, they promised also British, Austrians and Bechtel
restore their colonial empires - cover it up and "burn books".
All politics since 1954-56 is deception of the East (waiting to
be liberated as oppressed pure and oppressed nations) and
deception of the West (waiting to get back old colonies Brits,
Austrians and Germans, being demolished USA resisting to
expanding Russia, and restore Russian serfery that invaded
many nations with genocide, cleanse, plunder-enslave, move
to Russia millions of slaves, including robbed Russians, send
to West huge flocks of slaves and girls to be debased by the
new Russian "pomesh'iks". It all started in 1947, by Moscow's
Varagas and Prussians, that usurped rule in USSR and used
the network of mind-controlled since WW2 children and youth
by Nazi networks of telepaths. They snitched in schools, what
made USSR work and defeat Germany, to do just opposite, to
block restoration of CIS, to antagonize intellectuals, intelligent
people, specialists non-Russian nations and start self-distract
race war against us all. They are mafia that destroy their own
future and raging on their neighbors, to ride on Russian Nazis
into survival. Now they pin it on their very victims - Ukrainians
wouldn't go to Maidan, if Russia didn't bring them to total end,
signing again 300 years slavery to Russia parasite-pomesh'ik!


by: Rogojina Romaneasca from: Bucuresti
May 11, 2014 00:16
This russian politician is expected in Bucharest to service the military men in the Romanian Army!!

by: Jack from: US
May 11, 2014 01:21
in all fairness, the whole of Romania is not worth one rusty Russian bomb
In Response

by: Razvan from: Romania
May 12, 2014 10:02
Very nice manners mr. Jack. I'm not going to generalize and say that most US citizens share your "simple" (as not to insult you) views.

People like you are the sole reason why the internet is booming with " 'MURICA" memes.
In Response

by: Baab from: US
May 12, 2014 16:46
Mr Razvan,
As far as opinions go, I will not side with "Jack." However I would like to point out that legality of sanctions that forbid travel to a landlocked state is indeed questionable, and restrictions on supplies to same is indeed worth a second look (and as some clearly think an intervention). So think what you will of this minister, but consider his reasons.
Just my two rusty kazakhstan tenge worth...

by: AleX
May 11, 2014 10:22
It is nice to see the positive results of the western sanctions having been imposed on some Russian politicians. Although, Rogozin is not the only one who is responsible for everything that is happening in Russia and the former USSR satelite republics
on the border with Russia. Many oligarchs responsible for Putin’s coming to power in 1999 and the establishment of a totalitarian regime in this country, for example, Khristenko’s spouses, Chubais and others have not yet imposed by sanctions up till today. It need to impose sunctions on all Russian oligarchs close to Putin's circle. Then the result is not long in coming.

by: Alain Bethlen from: Romania
May 11, 2014 11:19
Mr. Rogozin is just a clown.
In Response

by: jojnjo from: Dublin
May 14, 2014 01:52
Not that I disagree with you, Alain, but I would add that he is a full circus of them. But I will call him something other as well...that can't be interpreted in any other way by anyone including mamuka underneath by saying, Rogozin is a pure (amadán) In Ireland, that means he is a pure idiot.
In Response

by: Alain Bethlen from: Romania
May 16, 2014 20:22
Haha :) indeed your characterisation suits better for Mr Buffoon.

by: John Newcomb from: Canada
May 12, 2014 21:39
Its Rogozin who raises concern that French Mistral warships being sold to Russia need special fuel for low temperatures- important in Russia.

Now that France is going ahead with their warship-sale, maybe Rogozin is flying around on secret mission to bring back fuel - one jerry-can at a time?

"No Fuel in Russia For French-Built Warship - Deputy PM":

by: mamuka
May 13, 2014 14:10
You can call people like Rogozin and Zhirinovsky clowns but it is not correct. First of all in Russia "klaun" is like a respected art form. And even if you want to say they are fools, they are not; they represent core positions of Putins beliefs which are more conveniently expressed by his stooges.

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