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U.S. Cranks Up Sanctions Against Iran

The U.S. Treasury Department has announced a fresh wave of sanctions against Iran, targeting more than 50 entities tied to the country's procurement, petroleum, and shipping networks.

The move is meant to apply additional pressure on the Islamic republic to open up to international inspectors its nuclear programs, which the West suspects is aimed at producing nuclear weapons.

Tehran says its program is peaceful.

Under the measures, U.S. individuals are prohibited from engaging in transactions with the sanctioned entities, and all of the entities' U.S. assets are blocked.

The sanctions target 11 companies affiliated with the Iranian Defense Ministry, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the national shipping line, and a university.

Four individuals -- an Austrian national and three Iranians -- are also sanctioned.

With reporting by AP
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by: Sean from: Northern Virginia
July 12, 2012 23:39
Why hasn't the Obama Administration imposed every single conceivable sanction against Iran already?

by: satish Chandra from: Toronto
July 14, 2012 11:10
Manmohan Singh at the G-20 meeting in Mexico on June 18 '12 pledged $10 billion to the IMF to help European countries such as Greece and Italy cope with debt but will not use the money to help tens of thousands of Indian farmers committing suicide due to indebtedness or hundreds of millions of India's malnourished children. He seeks foreign investment -- that is, foreign ownership and control of India -- but will not invest the hundreds of billions of dollars he has given to the United States government -- in exchange for U.S. Treasury bonds -- in India. This is not even counting the unlimited amount of capital available to India by simply printing the money so long as it is used for productive purposes: 'How India's Economy Can Grow 30% Per Year Or More' : . An example of foreign investment being trumpeted today by Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma is a $5 billion investment in India announced by Coca Cola to give Indians harmful-to-health beverages and replace healthier and tastier Indian beverages. Such examples of American rule over India in economic, military and all spheres can be multiplied hundreds of times. India's nuclear forces have been accused in the past of presenting photo-shopped non-existent missiles and non-existent nuclear warheads but India's nuclear warheads emplaced in U.S. cities since then are not non-existent : 'Nuclear Supremacy For India Over U.S.' : . If it is the non-existence of "knowledge, intelligence, courage and character" which is responsible for their not having triggered the warheads, with a warning that additional U.S. cities will be destroyed if there is any retaliation, it is MY responsibility to provide the knowledge, intelligence, courage and character; all they have to do is obey India's legitimate ruler and it is high time they did so without further delay: 'Satyam Shivam Sundaram Satish Chandra' : .

I have referred in 'Source of Manmohan Singh's 'Deep Love' For Bush' -- -- to the British in India having killed over ten million Indians in just the ten years after 1857; people have mistakenly assumed these to be deaths caused by famine but NO, NO, NO, these were deaths caused by the gun and sword and hangings and being blown from the mouths of cannons in just the ten years after 1857 in just Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Bihar; the deaths caused by famines during British rule were quite separate from this; see Amaresh Misra's 'India AD 1857' in two volumes totaling over two thousand pages (Delhi: Rupa & Co., 2008) which describes hundreds of the battles fought during the 1857 uprising which was thousands of times bigger and more extensive, over the entire subcontinent, than India's colonial administration -- all Indian governments after 1947 have been a continuation of white colonial rule; see 'What You Should Know About RAW': -- will let Indians know; this two volume work should replace the Ramayan and Mahabharat as required daily reading in Indian homes and schools -- all educational institutions at all levels should have required courses in the 1857 War of Independence studies -- without which Indians cannot capture the hatred for the white man (and woman) to win India's War of Independence: 'A Note on Hate': and 'Join India's War of Independence' : . With the simultaneous nuclear destruction of New Delhi, Washington and New York, with a warning that additional U.S. cities will be destroyed if there is any retaliation, this time the result of India's War of Independence will be different. Satish Chandra

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