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U.S. Audit Says $200 Million Wasted On Iraq Police Training

A U.S. government audit indicates Washington has wasted more than $200 million on a program to train Iraqi police, which Baghdad said was "useless."

The Police Development Program was envisioned as a five-year, multibillion-dollar effort to train security forces after the U.S. military left last December.

A report released on July 30 by the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR) said training and housing facilities were built in Baghdad for an estimated $108 million, while another $98 million was used to construct a training base at the Basra consulate.

But both facilities were later closed without being used.

The report said that Iraq's deputy interior minister Adnan al-Assadi had called the program "useless."

SIGIR concluded that the program was "a de facto waste."

Based on reporting by AP and AFP
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by: ahmed from: hp
July 30, 2012 13:48
Ok , So many million dollars wasted in IRAQ .

What about * wastage* in Afghanistan ??
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by: me from: unknow
July 31, 2012 04:43
where is the Justice Deptment whats the quotaaaa

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