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Wife Of Former FBI Agent Missing In Iran Talks About 'New' Photos

PHOTO GALLERY: Five photos of Robert Levinson sent to his wife, Christine, in April 2011.

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Missing Ex-FBI Agent 'Alive'

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said that the United States has received tips that ex-FBI agent Robert Levinson, reported missing in Iran nearly four years ago, is alive in captivity in southwest Asia.
The family of former FBI agent Robert Levinson, who disappeared during a March 2007 visit to the Iranian island of Kish, has released new photographs of him in captivity.

In the photos, which were provided to RFE/RL, Levinson sports long gray hair and a long beard and is dressed in an orange jumpsuit similar to those worn by prisoners at the U.S.-run Guantanamo Bay detention center. He is holding various signs written in crude English that ask for help or taunt the United States.

Levinson’s wife, Christine Levinson, spoke to RFE/RL correspondent Golnaz Esfandiari about the photos and her husband's case.

RFE/RL: When did you receive the photos that you released to the media on January 8?

Christine Levinson:
These photos were received by us in April of 2011.

RFE/RL: Why did you release them now?

When we received them, they were simply photographs with no indication of what purpose they served, and so there was no reason to put them out there because they didn’t do anything to help us resolve this case.

Christine LevinsonChristine Levinson
Christine Levinson
Christine Levinson
RFE/RL: What has changed since then? Do you now have some clues about the photos?

I feel that at this moment in time it’s important for people to see what has happened, that we have tried to get back in touch with these people to find out what needs to be done. And so far, we have still not received any information.

RFE/RL: Was the last time you heard from the people who are holding your husband captive when you received these photos?

That was the last time we had any information about Bob from anyone.

RFE/RL: I’m sure you’ve shared these photos with U.S. intelligence officials. What have they told you about them?

Well, we did share them with the FBI, and unfortunately we don’t know anything more than what you see in the pictures. They did not tell us any information about the photos.

RFE/RL: How did your husband seem to you in the photos?

In those pictures, he seemed healthy. The one thing I was able to find out about those pictures was that it was impossible for those pictures to [have been] taken in the short time between [the time ] we received the [November 2010] video and [these] pictures, and so it was impossible for him to grow all that hair. So everyone believes those pictures were taken before the video.

RFE/RL: Do you still believe your husband is alive?

Yes, I do. Unfortunately, since we haven’t heard anything, we are concerned about his health, and that’s one of the main reasons -- he is going to be 65 on March 10 of 2013.

Our oldest daughter is getting married in a month, and I am very upset and my family is heartbroken that we do not have him home for any of these major life events.

RFE/RL: Some U.S. officials apparently believe that the Iranian establishment is behind these images. Do you believe Iran is involved in this?

What I know is that Bob disappeared on Kish Island, which is part of Iran, and he has not been seen since, and there has been no information from him since he was on Kish Island other than what I learned when I was in Iran, which indicates that he had not left there.

I need the Iranian government to take the time to resolve this issue. They have not helped us to resolve this at all. And after almost six years, it is time for this to be resolved.
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by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
January 09, 2013 13:20
Shame on the iranians for detaining the Mossad-CIA dove-they should have made him an Iranian national hero instead,and should have bombed themselves sparing the israeli and american taxpayer a load of dough.And now,I say the Syrians should wait a little before we do the job in Iran and then do the same with them in Syria.God bless America!!! And Israel,too!!!

by: Ratio from: Earth
January 09, 2013 15:37
There is no evidence what so ever that Iran is holding the US spy. All mentions of Iran are just someones opinion, nothing more, no concrete facts. In 2009, the US lured an Iranian businessman identified as Mr. Ardebili to Georgia and kidnapped him by accusing him of violating US sanctions against Iran. How come no major Western news network is reporting on him? There are many other cases of similar nature.

by: Vakhtang from: Moscow
January 10, 2013 04:45
Mr. Levinson's problem that Obama is dweeb and coward..
Let's remember how Israel exchanged five thousand Arab prisoners of war for an Israeli soldier or as Israel began to bomb the Arab terrorists because of one Israeli hostage.
You Obama,can't put an ultimatum to the Iranian fanatics?..."If you do not release Mr. Levinson I'll start to bomb you, 24 hours a day"...and then start bombing until Mr. Levinson did not join with his family
I am sure that in a couple of weeks of bombardments, Mr. Levinson will drink Coca Cola on Broadway.
Unfortunately, other than carpet bombing of Arab terrorists, another method to release Mr. Levinson does not exist.

Enough Obama to plant parsley on the White House lawn!
It's time to get busy!
On the other hand, we understand, that for Obama a carrot on the lawn of the White House is more important than Mr. Levinson.

by: Ben
January 10, 2013 12:22
Poor chap must be happy that FBI does not blame him for betrayal as in J.Pollard`s case.

by: fereydoun from: vienna
January 12, 2013 07:14
.I have watched Mr.Livingston disappearance case right from the beginning.I am pretty sure that the issue is like non of US government business.The authorities just say something from time to time in order to calm Mrs.Livingston and his family.For the US the case is a non-issue.

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
January 12, 2013 12:02
"Iran is holding a US agent in a detention facility" ??? It's interesting, because - regularly reading "articles" published by the RFE/RL - one actually expected Iran to almost cease to exist in 2012, due to "being bombed" either by Israel or by the US either "using military facilities located in Azerbaijan" or "usuing German submarines of the last generation"... Those are the stories that the RFE/RL and other Western propaganda outlets have been feeding us with throughout 2012. And now look: Iran still exists and even detains US agents. How surprising :-)).
In Response

by: Frank from: London
January 12, 2013 20:03
Eugenio, "Those are the stories [about imminent Iran regime collapse?] that the RFE/RL and other Western propaganda outlets have been feeding us with throughout 2012. And now look: Iran still exists and even detains US agents. How surprising :-))."

And you are right that a self interested theocracy using torture, censorship and dogma to get its citizens to acquiesce in the corrupt diversion of national resources to a privileged minority (the three Larijani brothers for starters) is the secret to staying in power for ever?

Dignity denial now (Sattar Behesti) in exchange for a better after life is a load of nonsense, and you know it.

The Iranian leadership faces stark choices: successfully test a nuclear bomb and see off its annoying Western critics who keep harping on about people sovereignty, accountability, transparency, freedom of speech, the apparent lower status of Iranian women in law, temporary marriages to disguise prostitution, appalling human rights, lack of religious freedom and freedom to dress how one pleases, terrorism, inability to obey Vienna convention on diplomats , hostage taking, etc.

or see the whole rotten system collapse either at the hands of the Iranian people or as a result of military action by the West (the latter for failing to grant access to Parchin , for having excessive levels of enriched uranium in comparison to the needs for medical research and for failing to give up “nuclear ambiguity”, a weapon which the leadership could use to bully its neighbours).

I won’t be surprised if this is the year when regime implosion actually happens. Fingers crossed. The Iranian people deserve a better quality of decision-making in the leadership. Don’t you think so?

P.S. Levinson was obviously kidnapped as part of an ongoing dispute with USA to get concessions. This is completely normal for the Iranian leadership. No wonder they need a nuclear bomb: it is the only way they can get the respect they crave.

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