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U.S. Lawmakers Say Next Georgian Elections 'Critical'

U.S. Congressman Howard BermanU.S. Congressman Howard Berman
U.S. Congressman Howard Berman
U.S. Congressman Howard Berman
WASHINGTON -- Lawmakers in the U.S. House of Representatives have described parliamentary elections in October and the 2013 presidential election in Georgia as "critical" for the country's democratic development.

Representative Howard Berman (California), the House Foreign Affairs Committee's top Democrat, said he was "concerned by efforts to prevent a prominent political opponent from running in the parliamentary election" -- a reference to billionaire opposition leader Bidzina Ivanishvili.

Berman also decried "reported attempts to intimidate local opposition leaders, including denying them access to media."

The comments come after U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on a June 5 visit to Georgia urged President Mikheil Saakashvili to ensure a "democratic transfer of power."

House lawmakers also approved a resolution reaffirming support for Georgia's territorial integrity, NATO aspirations, and democratic reforms made to date.
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by: Jack from: US
June 07, 2012 21:01
Eddie Shevarnadze is just a NATO minion.
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by: Jack from: US
June 07, 2012 21:46
did RFE/RL staff finally learnt to speak out truth?
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by: Mamuka
June 07, 2012 23:22
Really? Was he a NATO minion when he was Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Soviet Union (you remember the USSR dont you Jack)? How about when he was head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Georgian SSR? Or are you referring to his days as President of Georgia-- which ended eight years ago?
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
June 09, 2012 09:20
MAMUKA, Shevarnadze ABSOLUTELY was a NATO agent at the time when he was the foreign minister of the Soviet Union (and of course, we all remember the Soviet Union - we are not Eli, Jan from Brno or Andy from Prague who happen to have severe memory disorders).
Coming back to Shevarnadze: just take his role in doing all the possible and impossible in guaranteeing the reunification of the NATO member state GERMANY - and therewith setting the stage for the crisis that the entire European Union is going through right now (you remember the EU, Mamuka, don't you? - that very same EU that Mischa Saakaschwili wanted to take Georgia into and which, instead, is crumbling in front of our eyes :-)).
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by: Andrew from: Auckland
June 08, 2012 04:15
Funny that Jack, your precious Armenia wants to be a NATO minion too.

by: Thomas from: Baltimore
June 08, 2012 19:42
Seems that all lobbying and all the money spent worked out for Ivanishvili. At least when it comes Howard Berman. Otherwise known for his shady business with his own brother.

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