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U.S. Navy Saves Iranians From Burning Boat

The U.S. Navy says one of its vessels in the Persian Gulf has rescued a crew of Iranian sailors from a burning boat.

The rescue happened on August 8 when the destroyer "USS James E. Williams" saw an Iranian-flagged boat on fire.

Eight of the crew were identified as Iranian nationals, the other two were Pakistanis.

Spokesman for the U.S. Navy's Fifth Fleet Lieutenant Greg Raelson said the crew of the Iranian boat were taken aboard the U.S. vessel and given medical treatment.

They will be transferred to the aircraft carrier "U.S.S. Enterprise" and will be repatriated from there.

It was at least the seventh time in the last two years that a U.S. Navy vessel has rescued Iranian sailors in trouble.

Based on reporting by AP and CBS News
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by: Jack from: US
August 09, 2012 22:48
Boat fire was arson caused by US military. Iranians now held as hostages by US. US is biggest sponsor of terrorism.
In Response

by: Hamik C Gregory from: Reno, NV USA
August 10, 2012 19:55
Your comment is inaccurate and disgraceful!

by: Ahmed from: Tabriz
August 09, 2012 23:17
Iran must denounce this as a Zionist plot or lose the respect of millions of Muslims
In Response

by: Hamik C Gregory from: Reno, NV USA
August 10, 2012 20:10
Moslem in the Persian Gulf did not care about rescuing the Iranian burning boat so the Americans had to do it.
Instead of expressing your gratitude, you made a thoughtless tasteless comment!

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