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U.S. Senate Panel Postpones Vote On Magnitsky Bill

Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov holds a portrait of Sergei Magnitsky as he protests against police lawlessness in front of the Interior Ministry in Moscow in March.
Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov holds a portrait of Sergei Magnitsky as he protests against police lawlessness in front of the Interior Ministry in Moscow in March.
By Richard Solash
WASHINGTON -- A key U.S. Senate panel has postponed its vote on a bill that seeks to sanction Russian officials connected to the prison death of Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee was scheduled to vote on June 19 on the "Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act," before a committee lawmaker requested a last-minute delay.

A committee spokesperson told RFE/RL, "As a result of this request, and consistent with long-standing committee practice regarding holdovers, there will not be a vote on the Magnitsky bill at today's business meeting." 

RFE/RL later confirmed that Senator Jim Webb (Democrat-Virginia) had requested the delay. A spokesperson from his office said, "Senator Webb supports the premise of the Magnitsky Act, but has concerns about some of the language in the current draft and has asked that the bill be held over so that he can more closely examine it."

A new date for the vote has not yet been determined.

Passage in the committee was considered the greatest hurdle to the legislation, which calls for visa bans and asset freezes for officials involved in gross human rights violations, but was crafted specifically in response to Magnitsky's 2009 death.

He had implicated top officials in a massive scheme to defraud the Russian government before he was arrested.

His case has become an international symbol of Russia's rule-of-law failings.

A similar bill was approved last week in a U.S. House of Representatives committee.

Russia has warned the U.S. measure could threaten bilateral ties and the administration of President Barack Obama has publicly opposed it.

On June 18, on the eve of the scheduled vote, Obama met President Vladimir Putin for the first time since the Russian leader's reelection.
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by: David from: Miami, FL
June 19, 2012 16:07
Having part of the list be classified would make steps like the asset freeze unenforceable.
Every name on this list must be open for American people.

by: Ben
June 19, 2012 21:30
Dems` leftist nature reveals in their defence of "human rights" of the "Syrians" or "Egyptians" or the whole humanity.When they discuss the fate of the real men and women the demagogy becomes obvious.
In Response

by: Ray F. from: Lawrence, KS
June 20, 2012 20:24
I suspect that political flavor has nothing to do with this decision. I read where nearly 100% of supplies and personnel for our glorious operation in Afghanistan went along the NDN in the past couple of months. The Russian authorities could, if they wanted, make life very difficult for the US in this part of the world.

I assume that the list is already in force. Why do some politicians feel it necessary to throw salt on a wound? My guess is that there are some political points to be made from provoking the bear. Demagoguery is an equal opportunity employer.

by: Vakhtang from: Moscow
June 21, 2012 02:27
At the moment there is a big difference between Obama and Putin
Putin was elected president for a term of six years.
Obama has the election on the nose and no one knows whether he will back the president or not.
So Putin is behaving arrogantly and rude, and poor Obama is on his knees before the Senate and begging the senators not to anger Putin..
Putin has behaved the same way with respect to the opposition-when the opposition began to resent the fact that Magnitsky was killed, he rewarded the killers of Magnitsky.

Obama is weak and incompetent president and unable to withstand the forces of evil,he disgraced and humiliated his country.
This president does not need the U.S. and the World

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