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Trump, Saakashvili Unveil Plans For Batumi Tower

Donald Trump's Georgia project will cost an estimated $250 million to build. (file photo)Donald Trump's Georgia project will cost an estimated $250 million to build. (file photo)
Donald Trump's Georgia project will cost an estimated $250 million to build. (file photo)
Donald Trump's Georgia project will cost an estimated $250 million to build. (file photo)
U.S. real estate developer Donald Trump has joined Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili to unveil plans for a luxury apartment complex along the Black Sea coast.

The plans call for the 47-storey Trump Tower to be built in Batumi by the Silk Road Group under a licensing agreement signed in New York last year.

Saakashvili said during the April 22 presentation in Batumi that the Georgian conglomerate expects to have the necessary funding by the end of this year, with construction expected to start in early 2013.

Georgia's Economy Minister Vera Kobalia says the project will encourage more foreign investment.

Saakashvili oversaw steady economic growth after becoming president in 2004. But the economy was hit in recent years by the global downturn and repercussions from the August 2008 war with Russia. 

Based on reporting by Reuters, AP, and Interfax
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by: Jack from: US
April 23, 2012 01:19
rump dictatorship of Saakashvilli does need Trump tower. The tower will effectively double the total real estate value of everything within dictatorship's rump borders.
According to Wikipedia, the dictatorship of Georgia enjoys $2995 of GDP per capita, which is twice less than in Angola or Cuba. Probably Trump could just buy the whole country if he wanted.
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
April 24, 2012 07:10
Here is the Jack, inserted into USA by Russia again!
It is Russia that is the Dictator, while Russia steals
In partnership with British oil and gas, to gain.
Even USA as Georgia is falling to their will.

Russia stealing Tatar gas and Turkmen oil,
Creating GDP, as Hitler to rearm on spoils,
With the Brits and Exon-Mobil's "rabbit leap"
Now on Black Sea and USA Golf bi..ch step.
Russia-UK sabotage still smell after the spill.

Freedom got imperial "Nelson" deadly squeeze,
USA leaves to Russians-Brits energy control,
Other nations, not even temporary on their list
Victims of genocide, cleansing, blockade walls
And influx by blessed by British Russian beasts.

The US government and corporate institutions,
Press, entertainment, media and White House
Staffed-Blessed by Quinn - Russia lying mouth,
Like lying "Jack". The President's grandmother,
A Russian Jew, didn't dream of such "Bluhers".

Georgian GDP, as those of CIS Russia stealing,
Even after former USSR, according to statistics,
Top secret in USSR, at the same level, or killing.
About 70% of CIS's GDP stolen by arm twisting.

Russian aggression, annexations and blockades,
Organized with Brits-Germnans-Austrians pacts,
Up to third of CIS population, since Polish "etaps",
As Ukraine's WW2 move of industries eastwards,
Russia's third of work force - non-Russian slaves.

Georgians, 20% of population, were dispossessed by Russian invaders and some 30% revenues lost, while Georgia have to feed and house all refugees.
Considering also blockade, Georgian GDP would be $ 10,000
(or so), comparing with Russian $16,000 (or so).
Add also confiscated by Russia from non-Russians GDP
during USSR, %70 from Georgia for about 70 years, and continuing secretly the same, to invest in Russia, for Russia and rearm Russia.
Georgians would have GDP much larger than Russia!

I wouldn't be surprised if Jack worked or new something about USSR secret statistics...

As for Donald Trump, he reminds me a Russian snitch,
half German from Moscow, his mother, nurse, injected me
with TB in 1946, her family went after me to plagiarize and
with assassination attempts to Moldova and to USA.

In 1960'th he organized with Germans and Austrians from Gelena and KGB steeling my papers on PAL (Logical Arrays)
and they started patents in USA - creating trillions of dollars
of goods (guts of computers and electronics) and many other things...
He also was advisor to stink on Georgians with nerve gas to make them plagiarized by Russian-German race slaves...

What is Trump looking for there?
Long arm of Russian devil?
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by: Jack from: US
April 24, 2012 12:23
Konstantin, it's time for you to get back on medication
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by: KJonstantin from: Los Angeles
April 24, 2012 15:00
Are you threatening me Jack?

My apartment building is staffed by Russian imperial spies,
including plagiarists ones commanded by plagiarists of look-alike with Trump.
They hired themselves in CIA, Bechtel and other agencies and using on me "Non Lethal Weapons" and telepathy for many years, since old USSR - for money of American tax-payers,
but by order of Russia, Britain, Bechtel and Austria -
using greedy prommis to plagiarize me and an excuse of
inflicted by hypnosis rudeties, sleeping it sometimes into
my writing or my responces to harrassment in public places.

Sometimes their attacks less paintfull, for some reason.
Are you threatening my Freedom of Speach by increased
level of harrassment and torture?

Pure USA!
They destroy by order of their enemies those that saved them
once again...

by: Sey from: World
April 24, 2012 15:44
Georgia is a poor country where inequality is rampant and the average GDP per capita of 2011 was less than USD $3000.

And USD $250 million will be spent on a building which is completely unnecessary.

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by: AnnaFilipp
April 24, 2012 21:30
USD 250 million will be spent on building capitalism, which is what they need to get out of poverty that you describe. And trust me, a private enterprise is not going to spend hundreds of millions of dollars of its own money on something "unnecessary". Neither would they build five star hotels like Radisson and Sheraton in Batumi if they did not believe it would have customers.

And what better can they do with it? Give it to the people so that they can eat well for a week or two? Then what? Find another 250 million? Georgia is not Russia where easy money gets dug up from the ground and sold.
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by: Jack from: US
April 25, 2012 12:26
One thing about $250mil is that those are not coming from Saakashvilli's dictatorship (they do not have such money) and they are not coming from Trump (who is not that stupid to waste his own money). The dictatorship of Saakashvili exists for a sole reason US government props it up by using US taxpayers' money. So it is US taxpayers who should be prepared to foot $250mil bill for "Trump tower" whose only purpose is to enhance dictator's ego. Now you wonder where all the trillions US government confiscates from US citizens go. A big portion of that goes to support of an assortment of varios "friendly" dictatorships, from rump "republic of Georgia", to Bahrain, to Egypt, to Lybian and Syrian terrorists, and to Taliban.
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by: AnnaFilipp
April 25, 2012 19:38
The 250 million is not coming from US taxpayers, it is coming from a PRIVATE investing group called Silk Road Group, one of Georgia's biggest private-investment companies. The US government does not build hotels for foreign countries and unlike Abkhazia and South Ossetia, Georgia does not depend for 100 percent of its budget on Russia or the US. Russians need to worry about where their money is going because they are in a much worse state than the US. South Ossetia alone "lost"/"misplaced" nearly half a billion dollars in Russian money. Now that's what I call waste.
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by: Jack from: US
April 25, 2012 01:38
you are correct, except that "Georgia" is not a country, it is US state, with capital Atlanta. What you are talking about is called "Gruzia" and its inhabitants - Gruzins. However their current dictator Saakashvilli stole coat of arms from Bulgaria, flag from the 13th century Templars, and name of his dictatorship from US state of Georgia, all because he wants to pretend he is European and his dictatorship is an European country. Albeit Europe does not include Gruzia, as is shown in Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Europe_polar_stereographic_Caucasus_Urals_boundary.svg
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by: AnnaFillipp
April 25, 2012 07:21
Ivan, oh I'm sorry, Jack from the US, you have addressed everything ranging from coat of arms to geography except the subject I was actually discussing. I suppose that means you have no answers.

As for Georgia's symbols, the five cross flag has been the symbol of Georgia since times of George V the Brilliant. The coat of arms includes saint George which the Georgians have venerated since before Russians existed and the lions are actually taken from the royal coat of arms of Georgia.

As for Georgia's democratic credentials, it is sure more democratic than your beloved Russia, and more transparent than some new EU members, such as Bulgaria that you mention.

As for its European credentials, it is sure more European than Russia, which stole everything it has from Europe under Peter I and Catherine II. Not a single monument displayed proudly in St Petersburg is built by a Russian, half of it by Italian Bartolomeo Rastrelli alone. Even the Kremlin is built by foreigners like Pietro Antonio Solari. Georgia may not have much but at least they know it's not stolen.
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by: J from: US
April 25, 2012 23:57
Dictatorship or not, who to have as a president is something for Georgians to decide. They are grown ups. How he won his elections is also a Georgian affair. You think I care how Sarkozy got his votes? Something the French should be concerned about, not outsiders.
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by: J from: US
April 25, 2012 03:13
All of that is true. But at the same time, how would you suggest to improve their per capita GDP? Maybe this is his approach to stimulate the economy? I don't know.

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
April 24, 2012 22:44
Trump or Sarkozishvili. Who is the bigger clown, asks I.
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
April 25, 2012 16:38
Biggest clowns are Jack, Say, Anna Fillipp and you,
Crambling the foundations of Civilized World for Russia
By mass inhale of dissinformation for the "How Do You Do",
Zcarists-Bolshevics, Austrian Gelena and Germany-Prussia.

Than again, there might be part of truth in the Eugenio line,
Resedue of Russian occupation poisoned Freedom wine
By aggression, blocade and mean Russian subversion,
Intencified by inserted in advance into CIS conversion.

It could be CIS leaders and hypnotised Saakashvili,
Blocking their countries advancement by the pact
Of Russia, Quin-Mother and "Bechtel" hilly-willy,
And by such leaders hypno-suggested acts.

It could be also deep-insert line of "Trumps",
That might be proxies of the "pact", or traps,
By look-alike with Trump, I mentioned above,
Who might use burglary assets as the glove.

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
April 25, 2012 16:19
The fact that some kind of tower that will be built in the "country" called Georgia is provoking such heated political debates appears to indicate that the political Summer has arived too early this year. Apparently the political demise of Assad, Putin, Ahmadinejad and Kim Jong Un and the final victory of NATO in Afghanistan that were so often announced by the RFE/RL last Winter have been postponed until the next political season...

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