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Documents Link Uzbekistan's Karimova To Money-Laundering Suspect

Gulnara Karimova arrives for a party during the international film festival in Cannes in 2010.
Gulnara Karimova arrives for a party during the international film festival in Cannes in 2010.
By Farruh Yusupov and Daisy Sindelar
A series of documents have been uncovered in France that link Gulnara Karimova, the daughter of Uzbek President Islam Karimov, with an Uzbek businessman currently detained in Switzerland as part of a money-laundering investigation.

The signatures of Karimova and Alisher Ergashev, an executive from Coca-Cola Uzbekistan, appear together on at least eight documents (see one here) as the owner and director, respectively, of two companies used to purchase property in France.

The documents, dated between September 2009 and May 2011, were obtained by Swedish news agency Tidningarnas Telegrambyra (TT) and shared with RFE/RL's Uzbek Service.

Obtained from French company registers, which are open to the public, they show Karimova and Ergashev signing off on at least one attempted purchase, that of a property in the French Riviera town of Gassin.

They also list the company's seat as 1 Avenue du General Maunoury, a plush, tree-lined street in western Paris's prestigious 16th Arrondissement, where flats typically sell for between $19,000 and $38,000 per square meter.

Later, the seat is transferred to an address on Boulevard Pereire in the only slightly less fancy 17th Arrondissement.

A second woman, Irina Emelyanova, is listed in the documents as a minority shareholder. No additional details are known about Emelyanova, and she does not appear to be connected to the criminal cases.

Money-Laundering Charges

The French documents are significant because they show an explicit link between Karimova and one of four Uzbeks involved in separate criminal investigations in Switzerland and Sweden involving two telecommunications companies: the Russian mobile operator MTS and the Swedish-Finnish TeliaSonera.

A document confirming business ties between Gulnara Karimova and money-laundering suspect Alisher Ergashev (click to enlarge)A document confirming business ties between Gulnara Karimova and money-laundering suspect Alisher Ergashev (click to enlarge)
A document confirming business ties between Gulnara Karimova and money-laundering suspect Alisher Ergashev (click to enlarge)
A document confirming business ties between Gulnara Karimova and money-laundering suspect Alisher Ergashev (click to enlarge)
Ergashev, together with fellow Coca-Cola Uzbekistan executive Shorhurh Sabirov, was arrested in Geneva on July 30 on money-laundering charges. Both men remain in custody.

The third Uzbek believed to be involved in the investigation is Bekhzod Akhmedov, the former director of the Uzbek subsidiary of MTS.

A leaked document from Swiss investigators states the criminal probe was opened after a Geneva-based bank, Lombard Odier, notified authorities that Akhmedov, a client, was listed on an Interpol wanted list for alleged fraud. A spokesperson for the Swiss Attorney-General's Office confirmed to RFE/RL the authenticity of the document.

Akhmedov was placed on the wanted list at Uzbekistan's request after he fled the country amid a row between MTS officials and Uzbek officials.

He has been described by investigators in Switzerland's money-laundering office as "close" to Karimova, although the authorities have provided no evidence of business ties. Akhmedov's whereabouts is currently unknown.

Swedish Connection

A fourth Uzbek, Gayane Avakyan, is the operator of Takilant Limited, the company that is suspected of accepting money from TeliaSonera in exchange for operating licenses and access to the Uzbek cell-phone market.

Swedish prosecutors in early October froze $30 million held by Takilant in a Swedish account. The order to free the assets lists both Avakyan and Ergashev as representing Takilant in Sweden.

An investigative report aired in Sweden in September alleges that TeliaSonera in 2008 paid $320 million to the Gibraltar-based Takilant in order to gain access to the Uzbek market.

TeliaSonera earlier confirmed that it bought 3G licenses and phone numbers from Takilant for $30 million in 2007. But it denies influence peddling or other wrongdoing.

Avakyan, who is currently based in Tashkent, is the director of Karimova's Dom Stilya fashion house in the Uzbek capital and is frequently photographed with Karimova.

Hundreds Of Millions Frozen

Swiss authorities say they have frozen the accounts of all four Uzbek nationals involved in the investigation. The holdings are estimated to be worth several hundred million dollars and may be held in other banks in addition to Lombard Odier.

Ola Westerberg, the TT correspondent who uncovered the French documents, told RFE/RL that the money frozen in Takilant's Swedish account was originally transferred from a Swiss account.

Karimova, 40, is estimated to be worth $500 million and is regularly listed as one of the richest women in Switzerland.

The presidential daughter, who dabbles in fashion design and pop music in addition to managing a stable of charitable organizations in Uzbekistan, also serves as her country's ambassador to the United Nations Office in Geneva.

Karimova is frequently mentioned as a likely successor to her autocratic father, 74, who has one of the worst human rights records in Central Asia.
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by: Marisa
October 13, 2012 11:43
Why don't they arrive Karimova? Her entire family is corrupt. That is all public money - it belongs to the people of Uz.
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
November 03, 2012 20:55
Marisa, you miss the point - it is Russia stealing and inslaving
Its neigbors, stealing assets of Uzbekistan is a small part of it.
Russia trying to colonize CIS countries. Pact of 1954 implying
That Russia, Britain and Germani-Austria resurrecting gambit
Of empires transfer wealth (51% to Brits) - as CIS nations die.

Swedish loyalty to the British and pact is clear (1992-93 war).
Switzerland's loyalty to Brits even more than to USA is known
Since return of loot of nazi Germany there after WW2 banned.
Russia pulled strings, as they do to CIS, squeez Uzbek funds.
Uzbeks go arroud Russia to buy things - Russia pull a "swine".

Cases based on extravagance of Central Asia trade traditions
And personal meetings and parties, not necessary connected
By "geshefts" between party participants hospitality invitations.
It also based on subliminal presumption that Uzbekistan state
Government trade illegal, but blaime laundering on Uzbekistan.

Russia spoiled the air, in Austrian stile, pact unleashed action,
Europe and Asia inhale and got hypnotized - indoor sucksion.
I agree that Karimov abuse human rights - by order of Russia.
It is possible mentioned mobil company did wrong transaction,
But not whole country be "Dan' sobirat'" for Brits-Russ blyaha.

Robbe, it is the name of operation of Russia - robb "che...pyh".
You said yourself in "description of this race" what you forging,
As Russia you hate inslaved by you races - but even more so
The "race" that go arround you, make money and still breeding.
Drg is right, non-Russian hospitality missused as criminal flaw.

By the way, if some mobil company violated a rule - most likely
It is old Russian network of race of theafery bitches puled it off.
I heard about a lady from Uzbekistan that own a backery, yaky,
Russians install a Russian snich accountant, he steal their all,
Indebted them to ran to Russia-master. Whole family cracking.

They are working as slaves in Uzbekistan, Russia - even USA
And still paying debth as slaves, working in mean chipest jobs.

In Response

by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
November 04, 2012 00:56
Aaah,dearest Con stan rin tin tin,you`re 1000% right as always and Shota Rustaveli couldnt have said it better.Now the question we all ask ourselves is how to stop the Rashkas,Prashkas and Varashkas from doing their evil-As a famous 19thC.Rashka said:`What is there to do???`You know what the bastards say-Sticks and stones and AK 45s may break my bones,but words,or RFE/RL posts will never hurt me!!! So,I think we must start da Revolution,or something and we all are down on our knees and begging you, please-tell us what to do!!! You and only you can be the New Uncle Joe Koba and Vah-ta-vahtang will make a perfect Lavrenty Lavrentievich,with Eugenio and jack as perfect politcommissars.First we must share between the Adjarians the abkhasians and the ossetians the remains of the rump republic of Georgia and then as good old Leonard Cohen sings-First we take Manhattan,then we take Berlin!!!So,dear Rin-tin-tin,once again,just tell us what to do as we have all our eyes on you and are waiting for your signal.Venceremos,muchachos from the city of the fallen angels!!!
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
November 04, 2012 22:29
As usual, Anush that cannot forget Turks persistent as a Camel.
As usual, he forge a cult - as did to Stalin "Russian-hamelions".
Dream of Chaldean Sara, now Normans, doing it since Babel.
Stalin asked don't publish his science solutions, till his gone,
To avoid cult. Killed, plagiarized and anywhere was labeled.

Smart Camel, accusing Stalin as "revolutionary" - not Lenin.
The first was protesting against illegal Russian occupations
Of Georgia and others and inhuman crimes they were doing,
Holted Lenin's Bolshevik terror, started free democratization.
Lenin, in name of Revolution - extended imperial aggression.

Is Camel asking my solutions, be plagiarized by his bosses?
Is he blaiming me in advance, like fooled Stalin, avoiding cult,
If I give tirranies solution but demand my name on it? Staff it!
Frames he me as "revilutionary", as Eugenio blaimed his pup
He wrote, on me? CIA used it and my mother is already killed.

Using for such travesty "anti-Stalin industry" of scriblers in US
With "rap-shist" of "Koba-Lavrentiy antagonists" of their Lenin?
Offering me one of futures, genocide Georgia by Russian bists
In name of Alans, Abkhaz, Adjars and Urartu, or "Venceremos",
Suicide by Russdia-CIA that killed my mother, playing his twist?

He is smart, Camel, seven geezes by one twist - to plagiarize
World solutions, enslave creator and kill him as "revolutionary",
As they killed my mother, busting her memory and lying craizy,
Justify "anti-Stalin industry" and extend it to anti-Russian quier,
Get medal of KGB-Putin and of CIA-Ivan, what an ass-master!

by: robbe from: Istanbul
October 15, 2012 22:44
Apparantly the entire family burried larceny(tribute included) up to the neck.Calling the act as money laundring will not be helpful for the exact description of this race

by: drg from: Germany
October 17, 2012 05:25
The Lady Mrs.Karimova is a very human person, when I have been GM of the Bukhara Palace Hotel, she work 2 day`s very hard for the woman society in this region.She discuss with all
and each womans the whole day long about little woman problems. She was thanksfull to all Hotel employees.I can not
understand that foreign people reporting so butly about her.

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