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Ex-Diplomat Albright Drops Guard In Altercation With Pro-Serb Activists

Madeleine Albright at the opening of the
Madeleine Albright at the opening of the "International Women's Summit" in Pristina on October 4.
A video has emerged showing Madeleine Albright in a verbal altercation with a group of pro-Serbian activists in Prague.

The former U.S. secretary of state got involved in a heated exchange with the activists protesting her role in the American-led 1999 NATO bombing of Yugoslavia and her reported interest in a Kosovar communications firm.

At a book-signing event promoting her memoir “Prague Winter” in the Czech capital’s Luxor bookstore on October 23, members of the civic group Friends of Serbs in Kosovo verbally confronted Albright and some associates.

The two videos, which were uploaded to YouTube by the group, were published by the Czech publication "Parlamentni Listy" on its website on October 25.

The videos show the verbal jousting that ensued after one of the group's members, Czech film director Vaclav Dvorak, who made the documentary “Stolen Kosovo,” walked up to Albright and asked her to sign a DVD copy of his film. 

In the first video Dvorak is accompanied by a cameraman as he comes up to Albright’s desk and tells her in Czech: “I brought you a film I recorded in Kosovo and I also wanted to remind you of your other deeds,” at which point he places posters on her desk with a picture of Albright and the logo of Kosovo's IPKO telecommunications firm.

"Parlamentni Listy" reports that one of the posters had photographs of Serbs allegedly killed during the NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999.

The following video, however, only shows a poster featuring the IPKO logo.

Albright, who was born in Czechoslovakia in 1937 and speaks Czech, tells Dvorak and his group that she will not be signing the posters, at which point a woman from the crowd asks her if she is ashamed to sign them.

Following a mild scuffle between security staff and the group (at the 1:22 mark in the above video), the former head of U.S. diplomacy gets up from her chair and screams “Get out!”

The second video, which appears to be shot from a different angle, shows the same scene with additional footage. After being called a war criminal by someone in the crowd, Albright answers: “You're a war criminal.” She can be heard a few more times screaming, “Get out.”

At the 1:02 mark, however, she gets up from her chair one final time and says “Disgusting Serbs! Get Out!” before being escorted away from the scene by some store officials.

Anton Dvorak told "Parlamentni Listy" that he had not expected such a feisty response from the septuagenarian former diplomat.

"I was surprised by her reaction," he said. "We politely came to give her the film we recorded in Kosovo, regardless of the fact that it concerns 'stolen Kosovo' -- which was gifted to the narco mafia with the help of NATO bombings and aggression -- and the IPKO company that enabled Albright to line her pockets.”

In September, Bloomberg reported that the bidding for Kosovo’s state-owned post and telecomnunications company "has attracted interest from European and Turkish phone operators, as well as from an investment company headed by former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who was a major backer of Kosovo in its war against Serbia.”

Jaroslav Foldyna, a member of the Czech Social Democratic Party who was present at the event, claims that the protest was not planned. Rather “it was a spontaneous protest by people interested in politics who do not agree with what Albright did in the Balkans.”

Richard Klichnik, the organizer of the signing event for the Argo publishing house, denied claims that Albright became upset and initiated the verbal attack on the pro-Serbian group.  

“It was about pro-Serbian activists who had posters and flyers connected to the conflict in the Balkans," Klichnik said. "It was clear that they came to provoke.” 

This is not Albright’s first incident in her birthplace. On a visit to the Law Faculty at Masaryk University in Brno in March 2000, Albright was attacked with eggs by two Czech anarchists.

She served as secretary of state from 1997 until 2001, presiding over the 1999 NATO air bombing of the former Yugoslavia, aimed at driving Serbian troops out of Kosovo. 

-- Deana Kjuka
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by: Johnson from: Canada
October 29, 2012 21:55
Mrs. Albright is neither the first nor, unfortunately, the last high ranking US official to materially benefit from policy decisions taken while in office. There is a long list of ex-secretaries who line their pockets from business deals with allies they form while in office. Add to her name individuals such as Richard Armitage, Brent Scowcroft, Ex-Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert and many many more.

One wonders now, what are the driving factors of certain US policy decisions? and whether these decisions are based on national interests or do they flow out of private (future) interests.

These ex-officials-turned-"investors" should be humiliated publicly
much more than what we see in these videos.
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by: Marko from: USA
October 30, 2012 11:29
I don't comment much here on Balkan issues as the dialogue just degenerates into ethnic diatribes and you can probably make a good case for or against any of the groups involved. Albright's attempts to profit from the war that she initiated are, however, so beyond disgusting that I couldn't let them pass without comment...
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by: barney fife from: na
October 30, 2012 20:30
gotta laugh at you twits...are you seriously proposing that Mme. Albright prevented the serbian slaughter of kosovo so that she could one day get a business deal there? Lol.
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by: Marko from: USA
October 30, 2012 22:26
It was pretty much just one more run of the mill ethnic insurgency (like dozens of others) around the world until NATO bombs started falling. Atrocities on both sides about-- 2,000 people dead-- 10,000 (remember the Cohen and Albright claim of of 100,000 during the conflict-- a wild exaggeration) at the end. For comparison, the Kurdish rebellion in Turkey had a toll upward of 30,000-- higher since. The KLA organ-trafficking thing and the cluster bombs on the Serbian market in Nis pretty much gutted any claim of moral superiority based on the mass flight of refugees from Kosovo and the undoubted atrocities committed by Serbian forces there. There were and are no angels in the Balkans and selective moral outrage is an oxymoron. Albright's ,apparently no angel either, reprehensible attempt at profiteering is one more sad epitaph to a truly ugly little war on all sides. Oh and "Barney" you are a bozo... now I remember why I don't comment on this Balkans stuff...

by: Sey from: World
October 30, 2012 05:43
Well...what do you expect from a woman who said the murder of 500,000 Iraqi children were worth Saddam's false WMDs during the 1998 bombardment?

"Disgusting Serbs" is not even a reaction against the incident at the library, here and in outer space it is called downright fascism.

by: Vakhtang from: Moscow
October 30, 2012 08:01
Kosovo is Serbian land as well as Abkhazia is Georgian land.....
аlbanians and аbkhazians who are on these lands located illegally have turned these lands today in bandit cloacas..
Ms. Albright certainly not the first person in the decision on Kosovo from the American side.This were Bush and Rice but she still is responsible for the legalization of bandits and traffickers in human organs in the land of Serbs.
Our Serbian friends during their action have to mention Putin, who supports racism and nazism, and also legalizes criminals in a foreign land..

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
October 30, 2012 10:35
Two very nice videos! Congratulations, Deana Kjuka: it's the very first time in the history of this web-site that something similar to investigative journalism (as opposed to the usual uninteresting and cheap US-propaganda) appears here!
The two obvious thoughts that those videos provoke are the following.
(a) What they do is demonstrating the real face of this "freedom of speech" that - some pretend - exists in the Czech Republic and other NATO member states: A couple of guys just wanted to express their oponion on certain events that the old "lady" on the video was involved in - and what they get in response is phisical agression and a Polizeieinsatz. Thank you, EU and NATO, for letting people express their opinions "freely" :-)))!
(b) And the second thing that strikes one is of course the degree to which the ability of individuals like Albright to influence the events has diminished over the last decade and a half. Remember 1999? The US and their NATO friends thought they were the owners of the world who could decide who to bomb and who not to.
And today? Some of them have to jump from the 100th floor of the Twin Towers in the NYC to "save their lives", others are getting their heads chopped off by the Taliban in Afghanistan and Iraq, yet others get burned alive in the US Embassy in Benghazi; their friends in Serbia (Tadic), Ukraine (Julia), Georgia (Mischa), Romania (Basescu), Egypt (Mubarak), Venezuela (Capriles), Iraq (this pro-US sunni leader who had to escape to Turkey and is hiding there ever since) are on the way out; the US-financed terrorists in Syria are being killed in hundreds by Bashar on a daily basis etc etc etc. Such NATO member states as Greece, Portugal, Italy, Spain, the US and a few others are intensively going bankrupt.This is what is happening today to all those Albrights who just 13 (!!!) years ago thought they could do anything they wanted in this little world. Let's see what's going to happen en el capitulo siguiente...
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by: William from: Aragon
October 30, 2012 23:00
Hey EUgenio. Additionally, the rise of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation in the East as a counter-weight should block any further NATO military adventurism in South and Central Asia, and has probably led to the new US policy of "disengaging" from these regions and focussing more on the Pacific rim. It is not yet clear what the US foreign policy is for this region.

by: Jack from: US
October 30, 2012 17:59
Mrs.Albright is vulgar and vile individual. By various accounts she is also a genuine war criminal, complicit in murder of Christians in Bosnia and Kosovo, ethnic cleansing of Kosovo of non-Muslims, and supporter of Muslim terrorists. Having such people as Albright at the highest levels of US government is a total disgrace to this country
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by: Dan Monte from: USA
November 02, 2012 19:45
Biggest irony is that Albright was saved by Serbs at the bigining of second world war,when her family escaped from Chehoslovakia.If Ms.Albright somehow ended up in todays Kosovo or capital Pristina,she wouldn't be writing books.She will be one more name among 6 plus million Jews killed by natzies and their allies.That she is profiting from her role in Kosovo conflict is disgusting.

by: Abdulmajid
October 30, 2012 18:18
Anyway, Biljana Plavsic id more of a criminal than her. And no longer being in the diplomatic sercvice she doesn't need to mince words. It would nevertheless have been better if she had sais "DIsgusting Serbofascists" and not "disgusting Serbs" because not all Serbs are disgusting, that is, genocidal anti-Muslim maniacs. Unfortunately, most pro-Serb postere here are just that. Not because I say so (even though I love to see them infuriated) but judging by their own words.
And I prefer her to Putin and Assad anytime.
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by: William from: Aragon
October 30, 2012 23:04
Hello Abdulmajid, I have seen your latest reply to me, and I will simply say that we should agree to disagree. Without a change of inhabitants' positions, there is little hope for SW Europe and it will remain a play-thing for both internal and external power-players who have manipulated it for their own purposes for the last 500 years.
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by: Abdulmajid
November 06, 2012 21:04
Will, I don't want that the Bosniaks now do the same horrible things to Serbs that the Serbs did to them in 1992-95 (and 1941-45). For most of the time people there lived in mutual respect of each other. And this is how it should be. But I can't accept that a people who was victim of aggression should just "turn the other cheek" and “if they want your coat give them your shirt too”. Especially when those who preach such things do exactly the opposite. "The meek shall inherit the Earth" the saying goes, I don't see that happening. The great powers, or those who think they are, that is, Russia and China, are not invincible you know. I see that many non-Muslims in the Balkans see the Muslims as George Orwell put it "a human face being trampled by a boot and the boot will always be there to be trampled." They have had enough of that. So of course the enemies of the Bosniak people want to put them down. Little by little. Exactly as the Spanish Christians did with the Spanish Muslims. First they destroyed the Muslim kingdoms one after the other and then they conquered the last one and oppressed the Spanish Muslims and finally outlawed them, until in 1614 they had finally completed ethnic cleansing. So if the Bosniaks accept a Balkan Gaza strip composed of one enclave around Sarajevo and one around Bihac comprising about 25% of the territory of Bosnia-Herzegovina, and for almost 50% of the population in the bargain, and as isolated and walled in as the Gaza Strip is, or a new “Yugoslavia” in which they will be an insignificant minority,then they will have committed collective suicide and their enemies will triumph over them in the end. Neither I nor any decent human being can accept that because that is the law of the jungle, might makes right. Just like you say they have been and will continue to be the plaything of the power players. And that's not the will of the people but of their criminal and kleptocratic leadership, (especially Dodik's but I don't think Lagumdzija is any better) and that too is "Might makes right". It's not the world I want my descendants to live in and neither should you, and I will fight it with all I can, humble as that may be. And with my own fragile and limited life if need be, short as that may be. I can only pray to the All-Merciful that He gibe me strenth to show those who want to see me destroyed to face death with my head held high, and if that is the only thing for Bosniaks, they too. But I am convinced that the Bosniak people will not disappear and not be brought to their knees. Eventually they will prevail over their enemies AND enjoy respect. Like the Jews have enjoyed respect after 1945 and after 1948. And did they get it for behaving nicely and gently? No, certainly not. But antisemitism was thoroughly discredited. It is no longer acceptable even though it's still there. Then, Islamophobia too will be. If they can, so can we. Is my position clear now? and whoever opposes it can never be my friend.
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by: William from: Aragon
November 07, 2012 00:13
You have put forward an articulate and well structured argument delivered from the heart but please do not misunderstood my position. In no way do I believe in "might is right" nor "turn the other cheek". However, we must try to forgive the past. That does not mean that Bosniaks should be pushed around nor give up on the future nor take up arms in their own defence. As the poet Heindrich Heine once said (if I can recall it from my childhood; it has had great impact on my life philosophy): "Atop Mount Olympus, where the gods drink nectar and ambrosia, there stands one goddess with helmet on head and spear in hand - she is the goddess of wisdom".
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by: William from: Aragon
November 07, 2012 02:42
Sorry Abdulmajid, that should read "...nor NOT to take up arms in their own defence."
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by: Abdulmajid
November 07, 2012 16:33
Thanks. But only if Bosnia is unified again and if Bosnia gets an apology like the one delivered by West German chancellor Willy Brandt at the Warsaw Ghetto Memorial. Because Bosnia did not start the war. To say that the Bosniaks are guilty too is like saying that the Jews have a share of guilt in the Holocaust because of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. ANd iut is completely unacceptable to say "the Turks did this, the Turks did that, so now we take it out on the Bosniaks". The genocide in Visegrad can't be forgotten als long as these who committed it walk free and as long as the Serb leradership in Visegrad talks about "the honorable struggle of the Bosnian Serbs for freedom and indepnednece" what was actuall mass murder and mass rape of the worst sort, and idolizes thugs and sadists like MIlan Lukic. I think not even Naser Oric committed crimes as Milan Lukic and his associates ever did. Of course the Bosnian Serbs are afraid that someday they will have to answer for their crimes or the crimes that were committed in their name, even to their own conscience or to God and that is too much to0 bear fro them. They fear that since they say "revenge for what the Turks did to us in centuries past" the Bosbiaks wilkl someday say "revenge for Srfebrenicas" Intellectuals in Serbia call Srebrenica "a myth": nikolic says that Bosnia is falling apart. Now he pretends he meant "get your act together or it will fall apart" and not "we will bury you". Unfortunately with his background it is more likely he meant the latter. And the Bosniaks can never accept that they must share the fate of the Kingdom of Granada orf Carthage. I say to every Serb who comes to Bosnia or lives in Bosnia with a clear conscience and a honest heart welcome. But who comes with hate in his heart and the intention to murder, rape, destroy and rob shall find the end of the road here.
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by: William from: Aragon
November 08, 2012 22:04
"I say to every Serb who comes to Bosnia or lives in Bosnia with a clear conscience and a honest heart welcome. But who comes with hate in his heart and the intention to murder, rape, destroy and rob shall find the end of the road here."

Let it be so. It has been a pleasure corresponding with you. Until next time, Salaam Abdulmajid.
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by: Abdulmajid
November 11, 2012 20:56
Yes. It has been a pleasure for me too. If people in Bosnia could truly express their will and see that there is more in common that separates them and that the other are human beings too then the "entities would disappeayr; islamophobia will be discredited; this world is surely not perfect but it would then surely become a little better. I only wish I could live to see it; then my life wouldn't be in vain (at least in this respect; after all I have enough problems of my own to take care of). Anyway, peace to you too. Look forward to read from you again.
Abdulmajid, Friend of Bosnia

by: RD
October 30, 2012 18:27
Madeleine Albright screaming "Get out. Disgusting Serbs". Wow, very classy. This is an individual who opposed U.S. recognition of the Armenian Genocide because she did not want to upset Turkey. I wonder if she would have opposed the Jewish Holocaust not to upset Germany. Probably not, because she is Jewish herself. If anyone is filthy, it is her and the administration she worked under.
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by: Marko from: USA
October 30, 2012 20:24
...the other odd things is that the people involved were actually Czechs-- of well, I guess Albright couldn't very well yell out-- "Disgusting Czechs!" So no actual Serbs were insulted in the making of this video! So this one can be filed under "stupid corrupt official tricks..."-- of which human history is unfortunately not short of.

by: Jack from: US
October 30, 2012 23:18
most Czechs on the video seem to be content with standing in line to get autograph of a filthy vulgar woman. As I say, Czechs (and Poles) were the one who gave world the concept Slavs=Slaves
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by: Alex from: LA
October 31, 2012 17:14
I am sorry but Jack you are wrong, the Romans created the slavs that were slaves in the Balkans.
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by: Jack from: US
October 31, 2012 21:27
Germans used to capture Czechs and Poles and sell them as slaves to Romans. Hence the origin of the word "slav=slave". As far as Balkans, weren't some prominent Roman emperors from Balkans, for example Constantine the Great was born on the territory of present-day Serbia. So Balkans were giving Rome emperors, while Czechs and Poles were giving slaves.
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by: John from: NY
November 01, 2012 21:41
Are you guys kidding me?
The words Slavs and slaves have absolutely nothing to do with each other. You had Jewish slaves in the Balkans before the Slavs even arrived. By saying that the word Slavs comes from the word slaves, you totally ignore the Slavic language, which the Slavic people spoke in what's present Russia, before they even came to the Balkans. The Romans and Illyrians lived in the Balkans, but the lands were invaded by Slavic tribes, as they spread from Russia to the most of todays Eastern Europe. The Illyrians and Romans almost disappeared during the Slavic invasion.
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by: parvenu from: US
October 31, 2012 23:27
Your posts usually make sense but not today. Poles are fearless people who are known for their independent mindset. Not even close to anglos, who follow authority like sheep. It is not comparable. Poles, Russians and Serbs fought invaders of their countries valiantly over centuries. You know that right?
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by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
November 01, 2012 15:32
KGB joke of a Jack hates poles and czechs `cause they are the most independent post soviet countries,not sucking up to the russian beast.The russians with their imperial drunkard hollier than thou attitude were are and will always be the biggest slaves in the world.No wonder the proverb says:`If you live like russians do that will be the end of you!!!`There were no poles,or czechs during the Roman empire.And Constantine the Great was an armenian born in ancient Macedonia which has nothing to do with today`s Comintern-UDBA-Serbian KGB-CIA FYROM mutation from former Yugoslavia.Good old Jacko can only compete with EU genio for the title of the biggest KGB-FSB slave of the new millenium.

by: Darren from: Canada
October 31, 2012 03:07
The jerk who crashed Mrs. Albright's book signing event wanted to make publicity for his filthy little movie: No sane person would buy it since it is full of lies. Bravo Margaret for standing up to admirers of genocide!
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by: Draza from: Mihajlovic
November 02, 2012 20:22
Full of lies according to who? Albanians? Krvava baba!

by: Stan from: Europe, Czech Republic
October 31, 2012 09:53
I´m so sorry - I´m czech and I know that Madeleine Albright was the one more worst thing from Czech republic for the World.
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by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
October 31, 2012 13:09
Wrong,Stan,the female version of good old soldier Schweik is the best thing to come from your lands.The Chapek chap couldnt have done better than Mad Elaine and I think we must show our humanism by NATO bombing the serbs again-Now its Hillarious Hillary`s turn to show she can do worse,pardon,better than her All brite schiksa.
In Response

by: parvenu from: US
November 01, 2012 08:06
It's Hasek chap.
In Response

by: Stan from: Europe, Czech Republic
November 01, 2012 10:17
Thanks CA, but The World is still crazy. We are going to see - what's going to happen.
In Response

by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
November 01, 2012 12:31
Sorry,I mistook Karel Chapek for Yaroslav Hasek.The world is not crazy,its a small power mad minority which is.And whats going to happen has happenned umpteen times before.The negro writer has said:`The fire,next time!`,but who cares?I miss Karel Kril,god bless his soul,a lot-here`s a man who could have said something really meaningful on the subject.
In Response

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
November 01, 2012 15:11
To Camel: Thanks god, you did not mistake Hasek for Karel Gott :-)).
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