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Vladimir Putin, Is That You?

Putin's 2008 Comments On Crimea, Before A Sharp Change Of Tacki
April 07, 2015
In an interview with Germany's ARD television in 2008, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that Moscow recognizes all of Ukraine's borders, and that there is no issue of ethnic conflict in Crimea. His comments, delivered shortly after Russia's military intervention in the Georgian breakaway region of South Ossetia, stand in stark contrast with Moscow's annexation of Crimea in 2014 and its support of armed separatists in eastern Ukraine.
WATCH: In an interview with Germany's ARD television in 2008, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that Moscow recognize all of Ukraine's borders, and that there is no issue of ethnic conflict in Crimea.


What a difference a few years makes. Back in 2008, in an interview on German television, Russian President Vladimir Putin upbraided his host for asking whether Moscow had any designs on Ukraine and its Crimean Peninsula.

The conversation took place soon after Moscow's military intervention in Georgia and Putin was pointedly asked whether Ukraine, and particularly Crimea, could be next.

Putin, his temper flaring, said Russia recognized all of Ukraine's borders and, he added, there was no ethnic tensions at all in Crimea -- something the Kremlin emphasized as a key reason for its 2014 forced annexation of the peninsula.


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by: james ginn from: canada
April 07, 2015 16:37
Perhaps the US should not be attempting to install offensive weapons on Russia's borders.
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by: SG from: Ukraine
April 08, 2015 07:54
That is for the host country to decide, not Putin!
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by: Dima Danylevych from: US
April 08, 2015 18:36
Really?! What if Moscow decides to install rockets in Cuba? Should US accept that?
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by: Antikapitalista
April 11, 2015 11:55
Well, the United States of Aggression even threatened to start an all-out nuclear war for Cuba's sovereign decision to host a Soviet base with nukes, as if the U.S. aggressor had not been doing the same in Turkey, Italy, Germany, South Korea,...

If Russia behaved like the United States of Aggression, then it would now have the right to bomb all of Ukraine to force Waltzman withdraw his forces from Novorossiya.
Furthermore (paralleled on Carter Doctrine), it would have the right to use military force to defend its national interests in Ukraine.

by: Gantal from: Thailand
April 08, 2015 01:04
Dr. Putin's response predated the violent, US-sponsored coup, Kiev's ethnic cleansing, and the Crimean people petition to be reunited with Russia. Why not mention this?
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by: SG from: Ukraine
April 08, 2015 07:56
No proof of this "ethnic cleansing" threat except for the DNR threatening to kill all Ukrainians. It is only a coup in the eye of Putin, the world and Ukraine see it for what it was. Watch the Girkin interview where he tells them how "Crimean voted" (spoiler alert, at the end of a barrel)
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by: Antikapitalista
April 08, 2015 17:04
Do you have any proof of that threat?!

As long as I know, there have been threats in the rest of Ukraine against ethnic Russians,... and Kolomoiskiy actually placed a bounty of 10000 US$ on every captured pro-Russian rebel.
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by: Dima Danylevych from: US
April 08, 2015 18:40
here're your proofs
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by: Dina V. from: U.S.
April 10, 2015 21:01
Putin is a thug, and none of his apologists can take that fact away, no matter how hard they try. His imperialists ambitions are totally incompatible to a 21st century world. The tens of thousands of individuals and families that have now been affected by his actions in Ukraine and beyond is criminal! I guess there never will be any justice for the victims and relatives of Malaysia flight MH17, who too continue to suffer because of Putin!
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by: Gregunchik1 from: London UK
April 08, 2015 10:18
Because none of what you said is remotely true. It is word for word from the Kremlin disinfo line and demonstrably false. Go back to your Kiselev and RT.

by: james from: Santa Monica
April 08, 2015 01:24
Come on if Obama's admin didn't push Yanukovoich out of power through some nazi, neo nationalist and some other extremist groups Ukraine would be OK. But, no they wanted to create another nest of anti-Russian hatred for some dubious goals.
The result is death and destruction. Washington needs to learn that the Sun shines for all, all people on Earth may have security concerns just like others.

I was right that Iraq would end up in a desuster for Iraq and US, right on Syria, and now I am 100% right this will not end up well for US, Russia, Ukraine and EU.

"Love one another." Brothers this is the solution of all social issues. Not the weapons.
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by: Nisala from: Sri Lanka
April 12, 2015 15:41
Well said

by: Shiv from: Giri
April 08, 2015 02:17
Ukraine was no problem to russia, it shared close ties, trade partnerships, and has long been home to black sea russian naval fleet,

However, it was taken over by a handful of violent western backed, openly neo-nazi fascist extremists, who vowed to kill the "subhuman" russian speaking minority.
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by: SG from: Ukraine
April 08, 2015 07:53
Show the proof? That's what Putin and the Russian news reported, yet not an ounce of proof.
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by: Nikita from: Chicago
April 08, 2015 17:02
Were you asleep for past year and half?
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by: Alex Weber from: Zurich, Switzerland
April 09, 2015 11:11
It's all BS propaganda of course. I know some of those "subhuman" russian speaking Ukrainians. They joined the Maidan protests. They are fiercely anti-Russian now, and they have to worry about their safety in their hometown in Crimea, where waving a Ukrainian flag can get you prison time...

by: Vakhtang from: Moscow
April 08, 2015 09:03
Putin can say that he said it when in Ukraine was a different situation
Then Banderovites came to power and he was forced to save Crimeа to protect Russian from "junta"

Putin might also say:"I do not care for the whole world! I want so and that's it!"
Mr.Whitmore will be indignant and displeased and of course we will support him.....

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by: Ostap from: Eu
April 08, 2015 12:44
Tell us who blow up apartment buildings in Moscow? "Banderovtsi" ?
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by: Joe from: UK
April 10, 2015 14:34
If you were a despotic autocrat who lost influence over a neighbouring country when it's leader was overthrown in a popular revolution, what would you use your state-owned media monopoly to communicate to your people to garner support for a military incursion into that country?

Perhaps some preposterous and inconceivable nonsense along the lines of the revolution being a "coup" by a "nazi junta".

We know Putin lied about direct Russian influence in the Crimea annexation - as he admitted. What else do you think he may he have lied about?

by: Timo from: Switzerland
April 08, 2015 11:02
Are these other commenters for real? Do they only get their news from Russian TV?
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by: Tony
April 14, 2015 06:23
I know, there is a lot of pro-Putin commentators on many sites these days. There have been numerous reports of Russia using paid trolls and bots in their propaganda campaigns:

The real question now is how to take internet discussion back from this disingenuous noise without crippling the freedom and anonymity that make the internet a great place.

by: Alex Weber from: Zurich, Switzerland
April 08, 2015 11:05
Look at all the Putin fanboys in the comments... Useful idiots just like in the days of the Cold War. "Ethnic cleansing" "Nazi Regime" "The US is the bad guy" and the good old "message of peace"... You people really are deluded...
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by: Nikita from: Chicago
April 08, 2015 17:06
In the past 15 years, how many countries have been invaded by US and its puppets?
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by: Alex Weber from: Zurich
April 09, 2015 11:08
Iraq... Afghanistan was part of a UN resolution. Your friends could've vetoed it...

What about Georgia and Ukraine? Excuse me "Nikita" from "Chicago" (I'm sure that's where you're from), but what about the Russia allegations that there are Nazis in power in Kiev?
How about you actually respond to arguments instead of perpetuating your Kremlin propaganda?
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by: Dina V. from: U.S.
April 11, 2015 01:52
Oh please, Nikita from 'Chicago', you're not fooling anyone! You're just one of the many trolls that are assigned to post pro-Kremlin propaganda on Western news and information sites. It's so obvious it's not even funny! You use the typical Kremlin jargon, of calling people who took part in the Maidan as 'banderites' and 'nazis', yet, what Putin is doing, is establishing a neo-fascist state in Russia. The fervent nationalism that we see is scary, and is reminiscent of Nazi Germany.
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by: Antikapitalista
April 11, 2015 11:41
Haha, look at all the NATO propagandists, useless idiots like always: "cluster-bombing residential parts of large cities" called "spreading European values".

The U.S. which has bombed all of Yugoslavia to tear away its province Kosovo and Metohija, and then even recognized it in violation of U.N.S.C. resolution 1244, thus doubly breaking international law,... and now increasing the supply of arms to those who wage a war of aggression on poor, little Yemen...

What else should that mean, you imbecile?!

by: Max from: Maryland
April 08, 2015 11:39
Excuses, excuses, excuses. There was no violence in Crimea before the illegal annexation. This was a strategic land-grab. Why is Russia so insecure?
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by: Antikapitalista
April 08, 2015 16:59
But there was violence.
The demonstrators that were returning from Kiev were drawn from their busses, probably by Right Sector extremists, and beaten.

by: Victor from: Poland
April 08, 2015 13:13
Isn't it funny that people 'protected' by Russia live in a warzone, while people 'persecuted' by Ukraine live in peace. And not even RT can make up any atrocities the Russian speakers supposedly suffer. doublethink, anyone?

by: Kevin Zeese from: Baltimore
April 08, 2015 16:38
The big change was not Putin, but a US coup that threatened the people of Eastern Ukraine, the Russian speakers, and threatened the Russian Navy base in Crimea. Events changed and the situation was no longer the same as when Ukraine was not dominated by the US.

The Ukraine is totally dominated by the US right now with all of its top officials being US-aligned. The president has been an informant for the US since 2006 according to State Dept cables published by Wikileaks known as Our Ukrainian Insider. The prime minister, Yats, was selected by Nuland as the next person to run Ukraine in a conversation overheard between her and the US ambassador and made public before the coup. The finance minister was a State Dept official in the US, came to Ukraine after the US supported Orange Revolution, became a hedge fund manager who helped funnel the $5 billion US dollars spent in the Ukraine to build opposition to the democratically elected government. Now is the finance minister -- she was made a Ukraine citizen by Our Ukrainian Insider, err the president of Ukraine, the day she became finance minister.

Of course Radio Free Europe does not mention this takeover of Ukraine by the US and instead demonizes Putin -- but that is the deep propaganda we are being given by western mass media. If put in context of a US coup of a democratically elected government, Putin would be seen as taking minimal defensive measures to protect its Navy Base and the Russian speaking Eastern Ukraine population.
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