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'World's Best Barman' Wows Ukraine

Tom Cruise, eat your heart out!
Tom Cruise, eat your heart out!
Thirsty soccer fans who are descending on Ukraine for Euro 2012 next month should keep their eyes peeled for Aleksandr Shtifanov if they decide to wet their whistle in one of the country's numerous cocktail bars.

The traveling barman, who originally hails from Moscow, has recently been wowing fans of "Ukraine's Got Talent" with his incredible bartending skills.

It's a matter of debate as to whether he really deserves the title of "World's Best Bartender," which has been bestowed on him by numerous blogs and websites, but one thing's for sure:

On this evidence, Shtifanov makes Tom Cruise's character in "Cocktail" look like a choirboy!

WATCH: Russian barman Aleksandr Shtifanov on 'Ukraine's Got Talent'

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by: Sey from: World
May 31, 2012 16:26
That's amazing, it is the kind of things you know take years of daily training and several contusions.

Just question, the "bottles" he's using to do all the juggling tricks, are they glass bottles, or plastic bottles?
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by: K from: US
June 02, 2012 17:13
I'd imagine glass! I think that though glass would be more dangerous, they've give a better and more consistent weight than plastic would, versus the movement of the liquor inside the bottle.

Amazing performance!

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