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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Vladimir Putin's Lessons In Machismo

Published 15 March 2012

Vladimir Putin, Russia's diminutive ex-spy-cum-president-cum-prime-minister-cum-president has gone to great lengths, distances, and depths to cultivate his image as a swashbuckling man of action. Here are some of the Russian leader's most glaringly, er, robust photo ops over the years.


A shirtless Putin famously hunts in the foothills of the Sayan Mountains in the Republic of Tuva in August 2007.


Putin helps scientists tag a Siberian tiger in August 2008.


Putin swims the butterfly during a vacation outside the town of Kyzyl in southern Siberia in August 2009.


A shirtless Putin rides a horse during a vacation in the Republic of Tuva in August 2009.


Putin inside a submersible during a dive into the depths of Lake Baikal in August 2009.


Putin throws a Japanese judo expert during an exhibition in Tokyo in September 2000.


Putin and scientists measure a polar bear on the Franz Josef Land archipelago in April 2010.


Putin inspects the cockpit of the new Sukhoi T-50 stealth fighter jet at Gromov Airfield in June 2010.


Putin rides a horse near the town of Abakan during a trip to the Republic of Khakassia in south-central Siberia in February 2010.


Putin climbed into a firefighting plane and helped crews dump water on wildfires in the Ryazan region in August 2010. "Is it OK?" he asked after pushing a button to release the water. "It was a direct hit," the pilot responded.


Putin takes aim at a whale in Olga Bay with a nonlethal crossbow in order to get a plug for a skin biopsy in August 2010.


Putin takes part in an expedition to Ubsunur Hollow Biosphere Preserve to inspect the snow leopard's habitat in the Siberian Federal District in October 2010.


Putin hits the slopes at the Krasnaya Polyana ski center outside Sochi, venue of the 2014 Winter Olympics.


Putin rides with motorcycle enthusiasts during a visit to a motorbike festival in the southern city of Novorossiisk in August 2011.


Putin holds two amphoras he "found" while scuba diving in Russia's Taman Bay in August 2011.


Putin looks at one of the orphaned cranes that was to be escorted by a motorized deltaplane on the Yamal Peninsula in September 2012.


Putin is airborne with the juvenile cranes during what was dubbed a "Flight of Hope" to preserve the rare Siberian species, a number of whom were killed or seriously injured in preparation for the "experiment."


Putin prepares to dive aboard the Sea Explorer 5 bathyscaphe near Gogland Island in the Gulf of Finland on July 15, 2013, to visiting the sunken frigate "Oleg."

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