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Thursday, August 21, 2014

North Caucasus

  • Lion sculptures guard the entrance to Kadyrov's mansion.
  • Kadyrov's mansion in Tsentoroi
  • A guesthouse at Kadyrov's residence in Tsentoroi
  • Kadyrov's mansion in Tsentoroi
  • Kadyrov's Tsentoroi estate resembles an amusement park from some angles.
  • Kadyrov's mother is listed as the official owner.
  • Kadyrov (right) rides in a Rolls-Royce Cabriolet in Grozny in 2011.
  • Kadyrov (right) watches as a man tosses $100 bills at a restaurant in Gudermes during a celebration to honor the winner of the republic's first "Beauty of Chechnya" pageant in 2006.

Ramzan Kadyrov's Public Displays Of Ostentation

Published 14 May 2012

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has declared his income for 2011. According to official documents, Kadyrov earned 4,105,876 rubles, or around $135,000, in 2011. As in previous years, the only piece of real estate he admits to owning is a 36-square-meter flat in the capital, Grozny. His palatial mansion in his home village of Tsentoroi, near Chechnya's second city of Gudermes, officially belongs to his mother.