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Thursday, August 21, 2014


  • One Facebook user poached an iconic scene from "Pulp Fiction" to ask menacingly whether readers were Party of Regions supporters: "Regional? So Bye."
  • Ukrainian First Lady Lyudmila Yanukovych's face was photoshopped in as the granny, warning, "If you don't go back to Yenakiyeve, I'll bequeath my cottage to the cat."
  • After lawyer Timur Kryukov contributed an article on the legality of transferring property to a cat, this image emerged of mock Soviet-style paperwork in the form of an "order" giving a cat the right to reside in the cottage.
  • This image shows Prime Minister Azarov saying, "I learned that my son wants to be a deputy. He advised me to list a cat."
  • Russia's Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev mockingly urge Yanukovych to "pet the cat." "Which one?" "This one!"
  • Cats shown "queing up outside the Donetsk property office."
  • Yanukovych says, "I came to know my wife didn't vote for Regions, so I transferred [presidential residence] Mezhigoria to a cat."
  • Who's for castration? this image asks rhetorically, adding, "Hey Lady, not castration but lustration."
  • "And did your grandson vote? I simply wonder who'll be last to get a cottage."
  • A mock "Wanted" poster warns of the formation of a very dangerous gang, dubbed "Babussy Cat."
  • "Grandson, we're waiting for your choice."
  • A mock "Forbes Magazine" cover
  • Yanukovych: "Cat? No. No, haven't seen it."

Ukraine's Granny And Cat Meme

Published 20 August 2012

The "kotofot" (kittypic) controversy over a billboard in Ukraine of an elderly woman proposing to bequeath her belongings to her cat instead of a grandson who voted for the ruling Party of Regions unleashed a slew of satirical imagery on social networks. Here's a sample, with hat tips to's <b><a href="">Tatiana Kozak</a></b> and's <b><a href="">Natalia Kilyushik</a></b>.