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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Putin's Bling

Published 28 August 2012

A new report by Russian opposition leaders accuses President Vladimir Putin of enjoying a lifestyle that "can be compared to that of a Persian Gulf monarch or a flamboyant oligarch."


An estate west of Moscow, Novo-Ogaryovo was recognized as an official presidential estate in 2000. It had been a vacation retreat for Soviet leaders and was mostly unused in the 1990s.


Close to St. Petersburg, the Constantine Palace in Strelna was originally built for Peter the Great as a summer residence. 


Constantine Palace fell into disrepair after the October Revolution and was used as a naval base during World War II. In 2001, Putin ordered that it be restored and converted into a presidential residence.


An official residence for the Russian president, Meyendorff (Meiendorf) Castle in Barvikha, close to Moscow, was built in 1885-1887.


A view of the interior of Meyendorff Castle. It was occupied after the October Revolution and used as a sanatorium during Soviet times.


Another of Putin's residences is his Black Sea home of Bocharov Ruchei near the resort of Sochi. 


Putin on board one of his presidential planes. According to the report, he has 43 airplanes at his disposal. 


This IL-96-300 passenger airplane was turned over to Putin's presidential air detachment.


Putin reportedly has 15 helicopters at his disposal. His aircraft alone are worth $1 billion.


The president also has the use of a fleet of luxury cars.


In 2011, Russia bought the super-yacht "Sirius" for $40 million. 


The floating pleasure palace has a Jacuzzi for six, sun-bathing areas, a gym, a cinema, and an alfresco dining area for 14 with barbecue and bar.


Putin reportedly has a large collection of luxury watches, including some made by the Swiss watchmaker Blancpain. His collection is reputed to be worth nearly $700,000.