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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Postcards From The Edge: Daghestan In Pictures

Published 3 September 2012

Russia's restive province of Daghestan has had a tough time of late. The assassination last week of a moderate Muslim leader threatens to add new fuel to a cycle of insurgent attacks and government crackdowns, which have seen scores of people die in recent months. Nonetheless, as Reuters photographer Maria Turchenkova discovered on a recent visit, life goes on for inhabitants of the troubled Caucasus region, despite the precarious security situation.


Men build a new madrasah, or religious school, in the village of Gimry.


Young men and boys pose for a street picture in Gimry.


A boy hides his face behind a balloon on a street in Gimry.


A man rides his bicycle in the mountain village of Gimry.


Mountain mist floats above Gimry's village cemetery. 


Local residents stand near a mini truck, which was seriously damaged during a special antiterrorist operation conducted by Russian military forces in the town of Kaspiysk in July.


A man stands near a house that was ruined during a special Russian antiterrorist operation in Kaspiysk.


A Kaspiysk resident shows her house, which was seriously damaged during the Russian antiterrorist operation. 


A woman walks along a road in the settlement of Akhty in southern Daghestan.


Young Salafi Muslim women spend time at a public women's beach in the Daghestani capital, Makhachkala.


Salafi preacher Abdurakhim Magomedov at his home in the village of Novosasitli. 

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by: mohammed from: libya
September 08, 2012 14:53
nice photos, but my oly concern is about the captions or the comments from the photographer on his/her photos especialy about the tow Muslim girls wearing hejab next to the girl that was wearing pikini..... is the word Salaifi is the correct word?? do you know that all muslim girls wears that? are we gona call the all salafis insted of muslims? what about the christian nans in the charches that wears hejab, are we gona call the salafis too??