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Friday, August 29, 2014

The Many Faces Of Vladimir Putin

Published 5 October 2012

He's revered as a hero who saved Russia by some. He's reviled as a despot by others. And this dichotomy is reflected in artists' renditions of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who marks his 60th birthday on October 7.


A man looks at portraits of Putin at an exhibition hall in Moscow in 2003.


A portrait called "Winter" by Ukrainian artist Ruslan Kutnyak


"Vladimir Putin With a Tiger" by Sin Bon Hwa in Nizhny Novgorod


An exhibition devoted to Putin in St. Petersburg


A painting of Putin on Arbat Street in Moscow


"The Candle of Our Life" by the Blue Nose Group in Moscow's Guelman Gallery


A portrait painted by artist Vladislav Koval in Volgograd


An exhibition devoted to Putin in St. Petersburg


A portrait by artist Nikas Safronov at his exhibition in the Library of Foreign Literature in Moscow


A painting on display during an exhibition titled "Rodina" in Novosibirsk


"Putnik (Wanderer)" by Vasily Saprykin, depicting Putin as a man with a walking stick, on display at the Russian Portrait Salon in St. Petersburg


"Mr. Putin" by V. Timofeyeva and D.Vrubel in Moscow's Gallery of the Single Object