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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Ethnic Albanians Leave Serbia For The EU

Published 25 October 2012

Ethnic Albanians from the southern Serbian border town of Presevo set off for the EU. They are just some of the growing number of people from the Balkans seeking asylum in the European Union since the bloc lifted visa requirements for the countries of the former Yugoslavia in 2009-10. Some EU members are pushing for the visa regime to be reimposed. (8 PHOTOS)


Ethnic Albanians wave from a bus window as they depart for the EU from the southern Serbian town of Presevo on October 20.


Ethnic Albanians wait for a bus to travel to the EU.


An Albanian man boards a bus headed for the EU.


Passengers load their baggage into a bus.


Albanians say goodbye to each other as they wait for a bus to go to EU.


A man waves goodbye to his friends as the bus leaves.


Ethnic Albanian women wait near the bus in Presevo.


An ethnic Albanian girl looks out from a bus as she waits to leave for the EU in Presevo.