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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Museum Of Jewish History Opens In Moscow

Published 8 November 2012

Israeli President Shimon Peres has ceremonially opened the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center in Moscow, housing one of the world's largest exhibits on Jewish history. The museum tells the story of Russian Jews, spanning tsarist times through World War II and today. "Some 30 million Soviet Union citizens -- a number never seen before in history -- had lost their lives. They saved the world from destruction and devastation," Peres said. "The Nazis murdered one-third of our people -- 6 million Jews, of them 1.5 million children. They were killed with fire, in gas chambers, in human crematoriums. The heroism of the Russian Army and its allies delivered a decisive blow to the Nazis and saved the world, the people, and the Jewish people." (11 PHOTOS)


A visitor is silhouetted against a map in the Jewish Museum in Moscow, which opened on November 8.


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Israeli President Shimon Peres attend the opening ceremony.


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (center) and Israeli President Shimon Peres


A speaker addresses the opening ceremony.


A photo of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin appears in one exhibit.


Russian billionaire and soccer club owner Roman Abramovich (left) visits the museum.


Visitors walk in Jewish Museum in Moscow. The sign above the photos (right) reads: "The Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee Trial."