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Thursday, August 25, 2016

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  • Supporters of religious leader Tahir-ul Qadri gather in Lahore on January 13 to take part in the "Caravan of Democracy March."
  • Barbed wire is in place in the capital, Islamabad, to block off some roads.
  • Shipping containers have also been put into service to keep demonstrators in the designated areas.
  • Security forces in Islamabad before the marchers arrive
  • Supporters begin gathering in Islamabad.
  • Participants ride through Sohawa, about 80 kilometers from Islamabad.
  • Tahir-ul Qadri speaks with a journalist in Sohawa.
  • Participants ride from Sohawa to Islamabad.
  • A supporter takes part in a rally in Islambad before the main group of marchers arrives.
  • Supporters in Islamabad.

'Caravan of Democracy March' Heads From Lahore to Islamabad

Published 14 January 2013

Thousands of demonstrators are taking part in the "Caravan of Democracy March" led by influential Islamic cleric Tahir-ul Qadri to protest against government corruption and demand election reforms. The protesters began the march in Lahore and are expected to reach Islamabad's outskirts late on January 14. Security is tight in the capital, with shipping containers blocking the roads to some diplomatic enclaves and a heavy police and army presence around government buildings.