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Thursday, August 25, 2016

What It's Like To Be Young In Kazakhstan

Published 16 January 2013

RFE/RL's Kazakh Service has launched a photo competition asking its readers to send in photos that capture the spirit of Kazakh youth. From wedding parties to souped-up cars to snake dances, the photos are a compelling portrait of a post-Soviet generation. (18 PHOTOS)


Students wait nervously before the start of a major high school exam. The results determine which university the students will attend.


Playing chess in the park.


Before getting married, many Kazakh couples do a photo shoot. They will use a photo for their wedding invitation.


Moving from a small town to a big city.


A birthday celebration in a Soviet-themed restaurant.


A newly married couple prepares to release a pair of doves, which is seen as a symbol of a happy life.


A bride wearing a traditional Kazakh wedding outfit.


A Kazakh soldier


A snake dance in the southern city of Taraz. Kazakhstan has snakes, but not this big.


A family birthday celebration


Breaking in an untrained horse, a very traditional Kazakh pursuit.


A couple on an Altybaqan, a traditional Kazakh swing.


Kazakhstan is no exception to the rest of the world: Young men like their cars fast and flashy.