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Saturday, August 27, 2016

'Europe's Most Beautiful' Mosque Opens In Croatia

Published 13 May 2013

A new mosque and Islamic center has opened in Rijeka, Croatia, prompting raves from the local media that the structure is the most beautiful mosque in Europe. The construction cost an estimated 10 million euros ($13.1 million). The mosque is only the third to be built in Croatia since the 17th century withdrawal of the Ottoman Empire. (9 PHOTOS)


The newly opened Islamic Center in Rijeka is expected to become the central place of worship for 10,000-12,000 Muslims.


People wait for the ceremonial opening of the mosque on May 4.


Men walk below one of the mosque's 24-meter minarets.


Worshippers pray in the newly opened mosque.


Muslims make up just 1.3 percent of Croatia's population, which is predominantly Catholic. The mosque is said to be only the third built in Croatia since the 17th century.


The 10 million euro ($13 million) construction project was largely financed by donations from the emir of Qatar.