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Friday, August 26, 2016

Classic Soviet Cars On Display In Ukraine

Published 1 August 2013

The city of Zaporizhzhya, the capital of Ukraine's auto industry, is also the site of a unique museum of classic cars, motorcycles, and military vehicles, mainly from the Soviet era. The Faeton Museum is the brainchild of hobbyists from a club of the same name who donated classic vehicles from their own workshops and garages. The museum's curator, Dmytro Poznyak, says the exhibition gives visitors a chance to see the technological history of the Soviet Union firsthand.


A prototype of a Zaporozhets sports car, commissioned by the local automaker ZAZ (Zaporizhzhya Automobile Factory)


A classic 1960s model ZAZ-965


A collection of classic cars


A non-Soviet artifact: an Opel Super 6, produced in Germany in 1937-38


A Soviet GAZ-51 fire engine from the Gorky Automobile Plant (GAZ)


This GAZ luxury model, the Chaika (Seagull), was the desired automobile for Soviet apparatchiks.


A GAZ-13 Chaika (left) and a ZIM GAZ-12, the Soviet answer to Cadillacs and Buicks of the 1950s


A Soviet BTR-152V1 armored personnel carrier


A World War II-era German BMW R12 motorcycle


Toy cars and bicycles from the Soviet era