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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Caucasian Nuptials: A Village Wedding In Daghestan

Published 10 December 2013

Besides capturing the natural beauty of the Caucasus, Russian travel photographer Ivan Dementievskiy has also succeeded in documenting various aspects of life in its remoter regions, including this fascinating pictorial portrait of a traditional wedding feast in the mountainous village of Balkhar in Daghestan.


Village women transport a dowry for the bride which consists of useful items such as carpets, jugs, and blankets while also comprising ornaments and money.


The dowry items are installed in newlyweds' home. 


The festivities begin with a torchlight procession through the village from the house of the groom to the home of the bride. 


The dressing up of the bride is a big part of the wedding tradition. 


The dressing up includes covering the bride's head before vows are made. 


The bride will be accompanied by two friends until the veil is removed. 


Villagers gather for the nighttime wedding procession.


A festive atmosphere prevails throughout.


The next day, village women bring the bride to the wedding banquet. 


Villagers transport food to an open-air hilltop wedding feast.