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Monday, August 29, 2016

The Hollywood Celebrities Who Look Like Soviet Figures

Published 31 December 2015

News that French actor and newly minted Russian citizen Gerard Depardieu has been cast to play a 50s-era Josef Stalin in a new film left us pondering others who could fit the bill as famous Soviets.



Old Josef Stalin -- The rotund Depardieu may have to shed a few kilos if he wants to remind cinemagoers of the Soviet dictator when he films a movie based on the French novel, Stalin's Sofa.


Young Josef Stalin -- Sacha Baron Cohen of Borat and Ali G fame could easily be mistaken for the future dictator when he was a mere seminary-school dropout and common criminal known as Koba Dzhugashvili.


Vladimir Lenin -- Silver-screen star Leonardo DiCaprio bears a striking resemblance to the founder of the Soviet state.


Lavrenty Beria – Veteran film and TV actor Danny DeVito is our choice to play the wily longtime head of the NKVD, the predecessor of the KGB.


Leon Trotsky – A bespectacled and bearded Daniel Radcliffe, forever known as Harry Potter, would look good playing the Marxist revolutionary and Soviet politician assassinated on Stalin’s orders in Mexico in 1940.


Sergei Kirov – U.S. actor Beau Bridges might not be a household name, but he could be after playing the prominent Bolshevik leader assassinated in 1934 (reputedly on Stalin's orders).


Nikolai Yezhov – Johnny Depp would be an ideal choice to play the henchman who headed the NKVD during Stalin's Great Purge from 1936-38 and was executed on Stalin's orders in 1940.


Vyacheslav Molotov – We dipped into the The Simpsons' cast of characters to match Ned Flanders with Stalin's longtime foreign minister and namesake of the incendiary bottle bomb.


Nikita Khrushchev -- A 1990s version of the energetic U.S. actor and stand-up comedian Don Rickles would be perfect for the role of Stalin's successor.


Nadezhda Krupskaya -- Scarlett Johansson, who has ancestral ties to imperial Russia, is uniquely suited to portray the Bolshevik revolutionary and wife of Lenin.


Leonid Brezhnev -- Having famously played the ab-ripped Batman, Christian Bale would have to rely more on his fat-man look if he were to play the Soviet leader who followed Khrushchev.