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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Confusion Reigns On Lesbos As Greece Copes With Migrant Bottleneck

Published 1 March 2016

Rubber dinghies continue to arrive in Lesbos even as Macedonia tightens its border controls. Migrants and locals alike ponder whether the rugged agricultural island may turn into a holding camp for stranded people. The mayor's office says the island's fate is in the hands of smugglers in Turkey. RFE/RL photographer Amos Chapple is on Lesbos and sent in these images. (Read more here.)


Syrian refugee Daoud Daoud, 20 (center), raises his gloved hands in triumph as his boat arrives on the beach at Lesbos, Greece.


Syrian refugee Daoud Daoud, 20, after arriving safely on Lesbos. "We wanted to leave before NATO would close the path," the 20-year-old told RFE/RL once he was ashore on February 28. "We would rather cross in the summer, but we crossed in winter because NATO has decided to close the way."


Refugees arriving on Greek island Lesbos on February 26.


An unidentified migrant woman, who is pregnant, is treated by medical personnel after arriving on the Greek island Lesbos on February 26.


Pakistani men sit outside their tent in an improvised refugee camp near Moria village, Lesbos.


Two Afghan men walk through olive trees on the edge of an improvised refugee camp near Moria Village, Lesbos.


Nazmi Jolak, a Syrian Kurdish farmer, plays his saz after landing on the coast of Lesbos as the refugee boat he arrived on is dismantled behind him. The 52-year-old refugee from Aleppo carried the instrument,wrapped in plastic, across the sea. He is now hoping to join his son in Dortmund, Germany.


Lesbos's Statue of Liberty looks toward the Greek mainland as a ferry containing migrants steams toward Athens.