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Monday, September 01, 2014

Images Of 'Unbearable Torture'

Published 6 February 2014

Ukrainian antigovernment activist Dmytro Bulatov has described being abducted in Kyiv and tortured by his captors for a week. After his release, he traveled to Lithuania for treatment of his injuries. Speaking at a press conference on February 6, he said that he was beaten "hard and professionally" and interrogated every day. These photographs, provided by Bulatov's doctors in Lithuania, show the injuries he suffered.


Part of Dmytro Bulatov's ear was cut off during his abduction.


Bulatov suffered puncture wounds on his hands. He told colleagues that his abductors hung him up in a manner similar to a crucifixion, then took him down, threw him into a car, and dumped him in the countryside.


Bulatov said that, after he was abandoned in freezing temperatures on the night of January 30, he managed to walk to a nearby village where he telephoned friends who took him back to Kyiv.


Bulatov suffered bruising over much of his body.