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Thursday, August 25, 2016

UNESCO Adds Russian Site To World Heritage List

Published 23 June 2014

The ancient city of Bolgar in Russia’s Republic of Tatarstan has been added to UNESCO's World Heritage List. The city was an early settlement of the civilization of Volga-Bolgars that existed between the 7th and 15th centuries.


Part of the Bolgar Historical and Archaeological Complex.


Bolgar is said to represent the cultural exchanges and transformations of Eurasia over several centuries.


Many buildings are examples of Muslim architecture from the Middle Ages.


The addition to the UNESCO Heritage List was the only one from Russia this year. 


The complex is a symbolic reminder of the acceptance of Islam by the Volga-Bolgars in 922 AD and remains a sacred pilgrimage destination for Tatar Muslims.


Archaeological sites that were once urban areas in the ancient city of Bolgar.


A detail from one of the historical buildings.


A new addition to the Bolgar complex was the the Ak Mosque, or the White Mosque, that was officially opened in 2012.