Saturday, August 01, 2015

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Czech Police Use Tear Gas Against Asylum Seekers

Czech police say they used tear gas to stop migrants who were trying to flee a detention center in the country's northeast on July 31. More

Taliban Leadership Split, Says Ex-Official

A former Taliban official says the newly elected leader of the militant group faces significant opposition from within. More

Pakistani militant Jalaluddin Haqqani (file photo)

Pakistan Militant Group's Founder 'Dead'

Pakistani media are quoting unnamed Taliban sources as saying that Jalaluddin Haqqani, the founder of the militant Haqqani network, has been dead for almost a year. More

Two Dead In Pakistan Violence

Angry protests flared into deadly vioilence at the funeral of Pakistani militant leader Malik Ishaq on July 30 -- a day after he was gunned down in a militant attack against a police convoy. More

Afghan authorities have announced that Taliban leader Mullah Omar died in 2013.

Afghan Peace Talks Postponed

Pakistan has announced that peace talks between Afghan government negotiators and the Taliban have been postponed after the reported death of Mullah Omar. More

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Mullah Mansur, The Afghan Taliban's New Leader

The Afghan Taliban has a new leader, one who appears pragmatic and moderate compared to Mullah Mohammad Omar, the near-mythical figure he replaces.

Can A Dead Mullah Omar Kill Taliban Peace Talks?

The Afghan government says Taliban leader Mullah Omar's absence will pave the way toward peace. But skeptics counter that his death could in fact complicate the peace process.

Migrants Undeterred In March To EU

An RFE/RL correspondent recently rode on a Belgrade bus packed with Afghans and other refugees heading to the EU. What she saw on the trip shocked her.

Afghan Unity Government Split On Intelligence-Sharing Deal

A controversial security deal with Pakistan has exposed deep divisions in Afghanistan's unity government.

Afghan Intelligence Deal With Pakistan Sparks Uproar

The Afghan government is fending off a storm of criticism after it signed a security deal with Pakistan, which many Afghans accuse of supporting the Taliban.
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