Wednesday, August 24, 2016

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WATCH: Pakistani Opposition Supporters Storm TV Station; Police Raid Party's Office

Video Pakistan Charges Political Leader With Treason

Pakistani authorities have charged the exiled leader of a major political party with treason and inciting terrorism after violent protests in Karachi. More

Pakistan Arrests Five MQM Party Leaders After Violent Protest

Pakistani paramilitary forces have sealed the headquarters of a powerful political party in Karachi and detained five of its top leaders, after supporters of the party stormed the office of a television channel. More

Protesters Attack TV Station In Pakistan

Supporters of a powerful political party in Pakistan have attacked the offices of a television channel in the southern city of Karachi. More

Afghan-Pakistan Border Crossing Shut Over Flag-Burning Dispute

A major crossing on the Afghan-Pakistan border has been closed over a dispute over the burning of a Pakistani flag by Afghan demonstrators last week. More

Mukhtar Kazam, the husband of Samia Shahid, displays her postmortem report during a press conference in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, on July 28.

Ex-Husband, Father Of Slain British-Pakistani Woman In Court

The father and first husband of a British-Pakistani woman suspected to have been the victim of a so-called honor killing in Pakistan have appeared in court. More

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Video Protesters Demand Afghan Government Action Against Acid Attacks On Women

Dozens of young Afghans have protested in the capital and demanded government action to end the plague of acid attacks on women in Afghanistan's conservative, male-dominated society.

Orlando Massacre: Bizarre Trail Of Online Rants Posted By Suspect's Immigrant Father

The mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, has left U.S. authorities poring over possible clues to explain the motives of the gunman, Omar Mateen. Some of the earliest clues as to his possible motives came from an unlikely source: the suspect's Afghan-born father.
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