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Lost Letters To Stalin Discovered in Moldovan Archivei
October 02, 2015
Hundreds of desperate letters written to Soviet dictator Josef Stalin in the 1940s and 1950s have been found in Moldova's National Archive. Faced with starvation and deportation, many Moldovan families appealed directly to Stalin for help. The letters offer fresh insight in to the trauma experienced by the Moldovan people during Soviet rule and shows how their pleas fell on deaf ears or provoked a cruel response. (RFE/RL's Moldovan Service)

Lost Letters To Stalin Discovered in Moldovan Archive

Hundreds of desperate letters written to Soviet dictator Josef Stalin in the 1940s and 1950s have been found in Moldova's National Archive.

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Video 'Chaos' Reigns At Berlin Migrant Center

Immigration officials in Berlin are struggling to cope with a twenty-fold increase in migrants and refugees.

Video Uzbek Woman Is (Possibly) The World's Oldest Person

An Uzbek woman, Momojon Romanova, says she was born in 1896, making her a witness to three centuries. The records from the time of her birth are hard to verify, but if the dates are accurate, Romanova is likely the world's oldest person at age 119. (RFE/RL's Current Time)

Video Russian-Made Toy Soldiers Join Battle For Hearts And Minds

In Russia, patriotism and politics can seep into all aspects of life, even children's toys. One small business in Moscow is churning out toy soldiers that pay tribute to the separatist fighters in Ukraine -- and is using some of its profits to contribute to the conflict.

Video Beggars' Belief: The Luli Of Tajikistan

In a small Tajik village, members of the Luli minority maintain the traditions passed down to them through the generations. For some, begging is not only a way to survive, but an honorable profession practiced by their nomadic forebears. (Anushervon Aripov and Nasim Isamov, RFE/RL's Current Time)

Video Teaching Kyrgyzstan How To Spin

With legislative elections looming in Kyrgyzstan, the Russia-friendly media that dominate the country are setting the narrative. And the lead Kremlin spin doctor was in Bishkek to check on how they are doing.

Video A Swedish City Struggles To Absorb Migrants New And Old

In Malmö, Syrians, Iraqis, and Bosnians live alongside native-born Swedes. But as immigrant populations grow increasingly concentrated in certain neighborhoods, racial tensions are rising, and some newcomers are struggling to integrate into the Swedish society.

Video In Malmö, Former Refugees Lead Relief Effort For New Migrants

As many as 900 migrants are registering for asylum each day in the southern Swedish city of Malmö -- the largest influx of refugees to the Scandinavian country since World War II. As authorities and volunteers rush to offer much-needed aid, the relief effort is led partly by former refugees.

Video RFE/RL Presents Rare Vysotsky Recording

A rare recording made by Russian singer-songwriter Vladimir Vysotsky has been released by RFE/RL. Vysotsky recorded the song, Apples of Paradise, in California, in 1979. It contains lyrical variations from previously released versions of the song -- and the maestro's voice in full throttle.

Video Pakistan's First Female Truck Driver

The country's first female truck driver tells women "Nothing is too difficult."

Video Desperate Honeymoon -- Syrian Newlyweds On The Road To Europe

A month after getting married, Sayid and Amira sold all their possessions in the Syrian capital, Damascus, and set off on a perilous journey toward a new life in the European Union. RFE/RL's Ray Furlong traveled with them along the so-called “Balkan Route.”

Video 'It's My Choice' To Bike To School

Girls in Tajikistan are bucking local tradition by hopping on their bicycles. Some are peddling as much as 10 kilometers a day to travel to and from school. (RFE/RL Tajik Service)

Video What Is The Schengen Area?

The Schengen agreement, which abolishes internal EU borders, is facing a major crisis as the influx of refugees reaches unprecedented levels. Several member states have responded with temporary controls at borders within the travel-free zone. Does this call the Schengen principles into question?

Video Afghans Begin European Odyssey In Kabul Queue

Hundreds of Afghans are queuing through the night at the passport office in Kabul, before setting off on the long and dangerous journey to Europe. Many take a bus to the Iranian border, the first leg of a 6,000-kilometer journey. (RFE/RL's Radio Free Afghanistan)

Video OSCE Ambassador Says Moldova Wants 'European Future'

Daniel Baer, the U.S. ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, spoke with RFE/RL correspondent Pete Baumgartner in Prague about the recent anticorruption protests in Moldova. Baer said the protests are an outgrowth of Moldovans' long-term concerns.

Video Corruption In Moldova -- The View From The Countryside

Mass anticorruption protests erupted this week in Chisinau, with demonstrators demanding the president's resignation. In the weeks leading up to the unrest, correspondents of RFE/RL's Moldovan Service had traveled around the country to assess public opinion and citizens' day-to-day challenges.

Video 'Evil On The Rise' In Russia

Anton Krasovsky's soaring career as a Russian television journalist came to an abrupt end in 2013, when he announced live on air that he was gay. Now barred from Russian screens, Krasovsky has nonetheless chosen to stay in Russia – a society he says is doomed to ruin.

Video What Are Russian Troops Doing In Syria?

Russian President Vladimir Putin appears to be sending troops and hardware to Syria.

Video Russians Find Parmesan Ban Hard To Swallow

Parmesan cheese is an essential ingredient in many classic Italian dishes. But foreign imports of Parmesan have been banned by Russia as part of its retaliation against Western sanctions over Ukraine.

Video Explainer: Why Moldovans Are Protesting

Tens of thousands of Moldovans have protested in the capital, Chisinau. What are the reasons behind their discontent?

Video Sea Breeze Military Drills Bring U.S., NATO To Ukrainian Shores

Some 2,500 U.S., Ukrainian, and NATO troops are taking part in Sea Breeze 2015, a two-week military exercise in the Black Sea and Ukraine's coastal regions. The Ukrainian Defense Ministry has said the training is meant to boost trust and security in the region, which has been shaken by instability.

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Syrian Opposition Groups Hold Reconciliation Talksi
October 02, 2015
Syria's fractured opposition groups met in the Kazakh capital Astana aimed at uniting the country's various political factions. (RFE/RL's Kazakh Service)

Video Syrian Opposition Groups Hold Reconciliation Talks

Syria's fractured opposition groups met in the Kazakh capital Astana aimed at uniting the country's various political factions. (RFE/RL's Kazakh Service)

Video U.S. Commanders Pledge Support To Afghan Allies

At an event marking the changing of leadership of the Combined Security Transition Command, U.S. generals pledged continuing support to Afghan security forces, saying they would not allow the Taliban to gain ground.

Video Afghan Protesters Blame Government For Kunduz Violence

Demonstrators in the Afghan capital, Kabul, accused government officials of mishandling the security situation in the city of Kunduz, which was overrun by Taliban militants three days earlier.

Video Ukrainian Police Arrest Illegal Amber Miners

Ukrainian security forces arrested 100 illegal amber miners in the Volyn region who tried to block a major highway. (RFE/RL's Current Time TV)

Video Trial Of Ukrainian Pilot Savchenko Resumes In Russia

A single demonstrator protested outside the trial of Ukrainian pilot Nadia Savchenko as the court hearing resumed in Russia's Rostov region on September 29. Savchenko is accused of complicity in killing two Russian journalists in eastern Ukraine, charges she vehemently denies.

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