Thursday, April 02, 2015

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Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Ukraine Among World's Most Dangerous Countries

A new study has listed Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Ukraine among the world's 10 most dangerous countries. More

Amnesty International recorded a 25 percent increase in the number of death sentences issued worldwide in 2014. (file photos)

Amnesty Says 'Alarming' Spike In Death Sentences

Amnesty International says the number of death sentences issued worldwide increased sharply during 2014 as governments used capital punishment in a "flawed attempt" to fight crime, combat terrorism, and quash internal instability. More

Iran Demands Halt To Saudi-Led Strikes, Calls For Dialogue In Yemen

Iran has called for an “immediate halt” to the Saudi-led military operation against Shi’ite Huthi rebels in Yemen, warning that the "attack" endangered the whole region. More

Pakistan Evacuates Citizens Stranded In Yemen

Pakistan has evacuated hundreds of citizens and diplomatic staff from war-torn Yemen. Reports said a Pakistan International Airlines Boeing 747 took off from Yemen's Al-Hudaydah airport on March 29 with 494 Pakistani nationals on board. More

Pakistani Military Says Troops Kill 15 Suspected Militants

Pakistan's military said on March 28 that its troops had killed 15 suspected militants in the northwestern Khyber tribal area near the Afghan border. More

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Video Pakistan Tightens Control Of SIM Cards To Tackle Terrorism

In a massive undertaking intended to thwart terrorist activities, Pakistani authorities are fingerprinting every mobile-phone owner in the country.

Pakistan Uses 'Iron Fist' In Polio Fight

Defying threats by the Taliban and protests by anti-vaccine parents, Pakistani authorities are taking the gloves off in the fight to eradicate polio.

Flocking Home Amid Claims Of Intimidation, Harassment

Tens of thousands of Afghan refugees have returned home from Pakistan in recent months, but it is far from a storybook ending. Many say they were harassed and intimidated into leaving and say conditions are not right for their return to Afghanistan.

Pakistani Firm Slams Czech Rugby For 'Desecrating Allah'

The Czech rugby association has unwittingly raised hackles in Pakistan after being accused of disrespectfully using the word "Allah" for the national team's logo.
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