Tuesday, July 07, 2015

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Afghans, Taliban To Meet In Pakistan

The Afghan government has sent a delegation to Pakistan in the latest bid to start peace talks with the Taliban. More

Bomb Kills Three Pakistani Soldiers

A roadside bomb attack has killed at least three Pakistani soldiers and injured six others in the country's lawless tribal areas. More

WATCH: Dramatic Video Of Pakistani Train Wreck

Video Death Toll Rises In Pakistani Train Crash

Pakistan's military said on July 3 the death toll from a suspicious train accident in the eastern Punjab Province has risen to 17. More

Pakistan Police Stop Christian Lynching

Police in Pakistan saved a Christian couple from a Muslim mob that was attempting to lynch them for allegedly committing blasphemy, a senior officer said July 2. More

Pakistan Army Officer, Dozen Others Killed In Suspicious Train Accident

At least 14 people including a senior army officer were killed July 2 when a train carrying more than 200 fell into a canal in Pakistan after the partial collapse of a bridge. More

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Migrants Undeterred In March To EU

An RFE/RL correspondent recently rode on a Belgrade bus packed with Afghans and other refugees heading to the EU. What she saw on the trip shocked her.

Afghan Unity Government Split On Intelligence-Sharing Deal

A controversial security deal with Pakistan has exposed deep divisions in Afghanistan's unity government.

Afghan Intelligence Deal With Pakistan Sparks Uproar

The Afghan government is fending off a storm of criticism after it signed a security deal with Pakistan, which many Afghans accuse of supporting the Taliban.

Despite Rights Gains, Pakistan's Transgender Community Still Under Attack

A vicious attack on members of Pakistan's much-maligned transgender community shows they still face regular violence despite attaining more civil rights in recent years.
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