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November 20, 2014

Azerbaijan Bars Journalist from Testifying on Corruption

U.S. Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD) urged Azerbaijan to respect the work of independent journalists in remarks made on Capitol Hill yesterday, after journalist Khadija Ismayilova was barred from traveling to Washington to testify at a CSCE hearing on combating corruption.
May 07, 2014

RFE/RL, VOA Partnership Boosts Georgian Broadcasts

RFE/RL's Georgian Service expanded its broadcasts to 18 hours today, dramatically increase the reach and impact of its programming in this vital Caucasus market.
May 02, 2014

Amid Declining Media Freedom, RFE/RL Presses Ahead

On World Press Freedom Day, a look at the courageous work done by RFE/RL journalists in some of the world's most threatening environments.
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October 10, 2014

Video Promoting Free Media: Informing the Velvet Revolution and the Challenge Today

Join RFE/RL, the Czech Embassy in the US and the Wilson Center for a discussion on the contribution of Western broadcasting to the successful Velvet Revolution, and the challenge faced today by the United States in providing objective information to authoritarian countries.
July 10, 2014

British Ambassador To The Czech Republic Visits RFE/RL

British Ambassador Jan Thompson visited RFE/RL’s Prague headquarters or a foreign policy roundtable discussion with RFE/RL journalists, editors and service directors.
May 27, 2014

Former RFE/RL Producer’s Artistic Talents Exhibited In Prague

Gallery brings Miroslav Sasek’s whimsical illustrations to a new generation.
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A video grab that allegedly shows members of the so-called Islamic State, including military leader and Georgian native Umar al-Shishani (Tarkhan Batirashvili), Nineveh province, Iraq.

Video RFE/RLive: Who Is Islamic State?

RFE/RL "Under The Black Flag" blog author Joanna Paraszczuk discusses Islamic State -- what it is, who controls it and whether its leading personalities are the masterminds they appear to be. More

Georgia -- Georgian Foreign Minister Maya Panjikidze attends a news briefing in Tbilisi, November 5, 2014

Video RFE/RLive: Georgia's Political Crisis

The political crisis in Georgia erupted quickly, but is it all bad news? Might the turmoil open the door to new political options and alliances in advance of Georgia's next general elections in 2016? RFE/RL's Brian Whitmore and David Kakabadze discuss the shakeup and what it means for Georgia. More

A video grab allegedly shows Islamic State (IS) militants waving the trademark Jihadist flag near Mosul, Iraq

Audio RFE/RLive: Is IS Coming For Every Central Asian State?

There has not yet been any indication Islamic State (IS) is in a position to threaten Central Asia, but militant groups in Afghanistan and Pakistan have expressed support for IS -- and these latter groups are on Central Asia’s doorstep. What kind of a threat does IS represent to Central Asia? More

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