Tuesday, September 01, 2015

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Investigative journalist Khadija Ismayil (2014)

TOMORROW -- RFE/RLive: The Case, The Verdict, and Media Freedom in Azerbaijan

A panel of experts looks at the Khadija Ismayilova trial and what can be done to support journalists victimized by authoritarian governments. More

Azerbaijan -- Editorial cartoon on the Baku European Games From Meydan TV (Image: Meydan TV)

Video RFE/RLive: The Real Price of Azerbaijan’s European Games

Will the glitz of the European Games overshadow the many costs being incurred by the Azerbaijani government to stage the event? More

Macedonia - Protestors wave Macedonian and Albanian flags during a rally in front of the Government Building in Skopje, May 17,2015

Video RFERLive: Macedonia’s Maidan Moment?

RFE/RL journalists and guest analysts discuss the deepening crisis in Macedonia. More

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