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Georgia's Breakaway Abkhazia Holds Legislative Elections

Voters in the breakaway Georgian region of Abkhazia are going to the polls in parliamentary elections.

About 150 candidates are vying for the legislature's 35 seats.

The elections -- which Georgia does not recognize as valid -- come seven months after a snap presidential election was won by Aleksandr Ankvab and less than three weeks after an assassination attempt against him.

The Abkhaz elections are being monitored by a handful of NGOs from countries that are members of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

Abkhazia was recognized as independent by Moscow following the August 2008 war between Russia and Georgia.

Since then, only Venezuela, Nicaragua, and the Pacific island states of Nauru and Tuvalu have recognized the region.

With local media reporting
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by: Anonymous
March 10, 2012 11:01
you know, after a few "agreements" between Russia and America, Russia will let Georgia to invade Abkhazi-Osseti banana republics.

Abkhaz people managed by feodal system all the time. And now forcing them to manage themselves is creating polemics.

by: Vakhtang from: Moscow
March 10, 2012 11:06
Words of Abkhazia and legislation are two incompatible words..
In Abkhazia, legalized racism and apartheid, many hundreds of criminals live there- guilty of mass murder..
According to аrticle 49 abkhaz.constitution, all employees of Radio Liberty are inferior, because if they will stay in the territory of Abkhazia, they'll be affected in their rights..
All the so-called elections in Abkhazia it is sabbath where some abkhaz.bandits choose other bandits.
Рolitical correctness does not apply to аbkhaz. bandits..
If the аbkhazians racists and murderers, then you should write-racists and murderers...
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by: David from: Los Angeles
March 10, 2012 17:37
You seriously need to calm down. We all know your country (Georgia) is the one who's actually trying to create war, destruction and problems in the region thanks to their puppeteers. Your slandering of the Abkhaz who bravely fought against Georgian neo-nationalism for decades is testament to their struggle against foreign forces trying to destroy their nation for centuries. I'm amazed you are even allowed to post such trash here. You should concern yourself with not living in Russia and going to your country and helping it instead of trashing a nation that chose to break free of your nation's hypocrisy, destructive ways, and evils. Grow up and get a life.
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by: Vakhtang from: Moscow
March 11, 2012 09:50
Your "brave" аbkhaz fought mainly against women and children, whom they have killed thousands, and then settled in their homes.

Today аbkhazians live by robbery and theft...everybody knows about it and who does not know about...I have to inform them..

Еlections in Abkhazia can not be legitimate, while in their homes not to return 300,000 people expelled by abkhaz bandits.
.All аbkhazian criminals must be deported from the occupied houses and return to their mountain villages..
In general Abkhazia not the land of аpsua, аpsua tribes lived in Circassia, and began appearing in Abkhazia after the 17th century..All their story is a fabrication and a lie invented during the Khrushchev-Brezhnev times...
And stop telling tales about the аbkhaz bandits....hundreds of аbkhaz should be arrested and tried in The Hague-for crimes against humanity..
David!! I advise to you go to the abkhaz bandits to rob and rape tourists from Russia-it is now the main work of the аbkhazians,instead of sitting in Los Angeles and talking nonsense,based on the fact that the U.S.
will not recognize elections of the abkhaz bandits...
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by: Mike from: US
March 11, 2012 21:14
Vakhtang, relax bro.

Can't you see that these guys are like a bunch of trolls. Going on the web, trying to deface Georgia and etc.. I wouldn't be surprised if they were being paid to do so...

In order to calm you down, I can safely tell you that after visiting many countries in the world there are people who do know the truth and are smart enough to see through the Russian propaganda; therefore you shouldn't get offended when people like "david" or "jack" start taking trash and attacking Georgia; The act of doing so proves that they are pissed at our country and want it to go back to being under the russian influence.

Besides, it doesn't make any difference what they say, because our country has always been under attack (just think about our history), and we have prevailed, despite the fact that we are small and outnumbered. We have fought with every empire that has ever risen and never kissed anyone's butt; something that can not be said about armenians.

Every time I hear them wine about the armenian massacre I have to force myself not to laugh, because if anyone should be crying about being oppressed it's Georgians, and we are not, because we are bigger than that and out history proves it.

So talk is cheap. Anyone of these trolls, hiding behind their computer is shivering when they see Georgians walking in their directions. I pity you cowards, and you disgust me.
In Response

by: David from: Los Angeles
March 25, 2012 19:02
Hey Mike, the funny thing about your comments is that I believe that Georgian trolling is done here with the same basis, i.e. these clowns are getting paid to sit on the Internet and troll and write garbage about these people on a continuous basis. Not sure what the Armenian genocide has to do with this whole scenario, but whatever. I can tell you for a fact that I'm just an average person who got sick and tired of seeing these Misha-funded jerks come on sites online and write lies and propaganda against a people who obviously want absolutely nothing to do with them. If Georgians can enjoy freedom, why can't Abkhaz and Ossetians? And before you and people like you starting harping on "Georgian sovereignty" let it be known that there are tons of people like me who know the truth behind these whitewashed lies: these lands were never "Georgian". Even the word "Georgian" did not exist in the past, it's a modern term for the forced union between Qartvelians, Mingrelians, and other peoples they claim are "Georgians". On top of that, we are well aware of the tensions in Georgia between these own groups, the discrimination that is hidden from the world, and so on. Finally, we are in the know about how these people treat non-Georgian minorities today in their borders (one word: GARBAGE).
So, listen, if you've got something constructive to say, then by all means go ahead and do so. but if you think making reckless and baseless comments about the validity of people like me coming here and counterarguing against neo-nationalist Georgian fanaticism makes you look good or feel better about yourself, I suggest you find another hobby. That said, I know and believe that Abkhazia is on its way to developing itself into a truly successful and lucrative state for its people and the NORTH Caucasus. If you are jealous, angry, bitter, and paranoid about that, then maybe there is something wrong with you.

by: Jack from: US
March 10, 2012 18:25
Abkhazia is moving ahead with its democratic development. It will never be oppressed again by backward rump dictatorship of "saakashvillis". The dictatorship of Saakashvilli is one of many propped up by US government, along with Bahrein, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kosovo. US government and its client minions may bark as much as they want. The deal is done. The client regimes will fall apart as US governments wrecks up more debt and US economy goes the way of Greece.
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by: Mike from: US
March 11, 2012 21:24
Saakashvili is a modern example of David the Builder. Just like David, he is strengthening our country after years of oppression, and unlike the turk-seljuks, this time its ridding of the Russian influence that begin in 1800; the year when the Russian Empire annexed Georgia against its will, and did everything to keep their culture in the dark.

Just like always, no matter how much killing and assimilating, Georgians still regain their nationalist spirit and counter attack their oppressors, despite their size. And I can comfortable say that, our country is the only one in the whole world, who is not afraid of Russia, and tells putin to take a hike.

So you , jack, can say whatever lies you want; byut in the end the fact is that, all the people who can do something already knows the truth, so it makes no difference who believes you and who doesn't because, the ones who make the decisions are already well informed and your petty attempts to spread lies about my country are useless, and merely proves what kind of a person you really are.

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