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At Least 16 Alleged Militants Reported Killed In U.S. Drone Attack

Pakistani intelligence officials say suspected U.S. drones fired missiles into two compounds in Pakistan's northwestern tribal region near the border with Afghanistan, killing at least 16 alleged  militants.

The officials said the strikes happened on November 16 in the South Waziristan tribal district.

The area is considered to be a stronghold of Al-Qaeda and Taliban fighters. The United States does not acknowledge the CIA-run drone program in Pakistan publicly, but officials have privately said drone strikes have killed many senior Taliban and Al-Qaeda commanders.

Most of the strikes have targeted Al-Qaeda militants or Afghan Taliban insurgents battling U.S. forces in Afghanistan.

But the attacks have also killed Pakistani Taliban fighters, who are allied with Afghan militants but have focused their attacks mostly inside Pakistan.

Those killed in this latest missile strike were said to be local Taliban fighters.

compiled from agency reports
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by: eric d from: ABQ New Mexico USA
November 17, 2011 20:38
So how does the concerned public know that the "alleged militants" or "suspected terrorists" killed by CIA drone strike really were "terrorists" or "militants" or whatever?... If the international press won't investigate & report it? International civil & human rights & international law don't mean anything if there's no transparency & accountability for clandestine government actions or secret military-police hit-jobs. And, obviously, the White House, the US military, the CIA, the US courts, Congress etc. aren't going to blow the whistle on the crimes & abuses of their own criminal & immoral policy of assassination (call it: summary execution? extrajudicial killing? or simply murder?) if there's no criticism from the American people or the international community. If Vladimir Putin & the FSB target Chechen militants for assassination, at least it gets reported in the international press (Thanks, largely, to RFERL & the like). But, somehow, if the White House signs off on the assassination of, say, US citizen Anwar Awlaki (& his 16-year-old son?); & the CIA carries out the killing, the international press (after a few whimpers...) doesn't even bother to investigate or follow up on the story. And this is "the Voice of freedom"? And America is "the bastion of democracy"? (And all you freedom-loving, god-fearing, tax-paying, law-abiding Americans: Isn't it time to start living up to the rep?...)

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