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Choose Your Favorite Prison Warden!

"OK, OK, I'll vote every day!"
"OK, OK, I'll vote every day!"
Police in Russia's Tatarstan region have had a rough time in recent months, following reports of the brutal treatment of prisoners that flooded in after one man died in custody from being raped with a bottle.

So what has Tatarstan's government done? Well, they've been busily promoting a national contest where you can vote for your favorite prison guard!

In "Vivat, Officers," Russians get a chance to choose their favorite corrections officer. Tatarstan's own Vladlen Chemerisov is back among the pack in the all-Russian vote at just over 8 percent.

Only one vote per IP address or phone number per calendar day, though, so if you want to help Chemerisov make up the gap or co-favorites Andrei Kozlov or Aleksandr Sidorov break away from the crowd, you only have until June 12 to get your votes in!
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
June 01, 2012 07:21
"Choose Your Favorite Prison Warden!" Yes, my vote goes to the Wardens of the US torture-camp in Guantanamo: as we all know from Ilya and Andrew from Auckland, all the Russian prisoners are just dreaming of being trasferred there and being tortured by representatives of the freedom-loving nation of Beavus and Butthead!

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