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Opponents, Supporters Of Morsi Clash In Cairo

Egyptian Police, Protesters Clash Outside Presidential Palacei
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December 05, 2012
Thousands of protesters gathered outside the presidential palace in Cairo overnight, prompting President Muhammad Morsi to leave the building. Police scuffled with the protesters and tried to disperse them with tear gas. Some protesters remained nearby as Morsi returned to work at the palace in the morning. (Reuters video)
WATCH: Police and protesters initially clashed outside Egypt's presidential palace overnight on December 4-5.
Supporters and opponents of Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi have clashed in the capital, Egypt.

The Health Ministry said three people had been killed and 350 injured in the December 5 clashes outside the presidential palace, with each side throwing Molotov cocktails at the other.

His opponents accuse Morsi of creating a new autocracy by awarding himself extraordinary powers and pushing a draft constitution through an Islamist-dominated assembly without input from liberals and others.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on December 5 said dialogue was urgently needed on the new constitution, which should "respect the rights of all citizens."

Vice President Mahmud Mekky said amendments to disputed articles in the constitution could be agreed with the opposition before a planned referendum on December 15.

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