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EU Suggests Azerbaijan Broke Pledges, Pardon 'Endangers' Region

Azerbaijani military officer Ramil Safarov walks on Martyrs' Alley, a national memorial in the Azerbaijani capital, Baku, on August 31.
Azerbaijani military officer Ramil Safarov walks on Martyrs' Alley, a national memorial in the Azerbaijani capital, Baku, on August 31.
A spokeswoman for the European Union's foreign policy chief says Azerbaijan appears to have abandoned pledges it made to EU member Hungary ahead of the handover and subsequent pardon of an army man serving a life sentence for murdering a fellow NATO trainee from Armenia.

A spokeswoman for High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton, Maja Kocijancic, also told RFE/RL's Brussels correspondent that Baku's actions threaten "fragile" stability in the region.

She said the bloc was asking Baku to explain its freeing of Ramil Safarov, who confessed to having killed Armenian officer Gurgen Margarian with an ax in 2004 after Margarian allegedly "insulted" Azerbaijan.

"According to what we know now, on the basis of the information gathered, it would appear that certain conditions and commitments that were agreed between Hungary and Azerbaijan on the transfer of Ramil Safarov have not been met," Kocijancic said, "and in that respect we will continue or we will try to be in touch with the Azeri side to hear the explanation why this has happened and why the behavior that is endangering the fragile situation the region is continuing."

European Parliament speaker Martin Schulz on September 4 condemned Baku's actions.*

Safarov received a pardon from President Ilham Aliyev immediately after his return to Azerbaijan on August 31 and was given a military promotion the next day, infuriating Armenia and eliciting U.S. "concern."

Armenia has suspended diplomatic and other ties with Hungary as a result of the repatriation.

Officials in Budapest insist they received certain guarantees from their Azerbaijani counterparts, and claim they acted under international law.

WATCH: Thousands in Budapest protest Safarov's release
Thousands Of Hungarians Protest Safarov Releasei
September 05, 2012
Nearly 2,000 people protested in Budapest to express their anger at Prime Minister Viktor Orban's (Fidesz) government following the handover to Azerbaijan of convicted ax murderer Ramil Safarov.

Hungarians have also expressed anger at Prime Minister Viktor Orban's (Fidesz) government, with nearly 2,000 people protesting in the capital over Safarov's extradition.

The co-chairs of the Minsk Group with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) announced on September 3 that they had met separately with the foreign ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan to discuss Safarov's pardon.

RFE/RL's Brussels correspondent says EU foreign ministers could discuss the issue when they gather for an informal meeting on Cyprus on September 7.

*CORRECTION: This story has been amended from its original version, which included information from AFP suggesting that EU President Herman van Rompuy had condemned the pardon. EU officials informed our Brussels correspondent that that is not the case and that van Rompuy has made no such statements.

Based on reporting by RFE/RL Brussels correspondent Rikard Jozwiak and additional reporting by AFP and Reuters
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by: Rzyan from: Moscow
September 06, 2012 08:01
This case has really been epicly exaggerated! I remember in 2001, Yerevan granted an immediate pardon to Varoujan Garabedian, a Syrian-born militant who killed eight people in a 1983 bomb attack in a French airport. Garabedian was returned to Armenia after serving 17 years of a life sentence in France, and received his pardon while still in Yerevan's airport. But nobody condemned this?
In Response

by: Zoroastrian
September 10, 2012 19:15
Garabedian was pardoned by the French government - not the Armenian government. As you say, he served 17 years - more than twice what Safarov served.

You're trying to establish a false parity. There's no parity between the Armenian and the Azeris because 1.5 million Azeris were never massacred by the Armenians or any other Christian nation. That's why the entire world didn't condemn the French government's - that's French, not Armenian - pardon of Garabedian. Further - in no way was Garabedian rewarded for his actions much less made into a national hero. Last - but not least - the Armenians didn't make a deal with the French and then betray their word on he deal - putting an entire region at risk of war. What you're obviously not understanding is the extent to which Aliev's hubris was a slap in the face to the US, Europe and Russia who have been trying for years to find a resolution to the conflict.

Your delusion that you can convince people that nothing happened in Western Armenia in 1915 by forgetting to mention it and that the denial of those events by the Turkish government is irrelevant is just that - a delusion.

Hampig Sassounian, who killed a Turkish diplomat in the US, received a life sentence. He's served 30 years and was denied parole twice. Do you see the Armenians lobbying for him the way the Israelis and American Jews lobby for Pollard?

This is a complex issue obviously above the comprehension level of the average simpleton from Russia.

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
September 06, 2012 08:45
Do Russia and America rulers and agencies have any shame?
Anything to take to their credit as a solution - they plagiarize!
I posted different angle to this case - venue change,
As often happened with different national laws,
My comment was not published, stolen,
Instead - from Moscow's Vaghtang,
Through USA they start elaborate!

Same happened with Iran A-bomb,
My better perspective to the World:
Superpowers and smaller powers,
Concenting around them, in works.

Russia usurped in the Eastern part,
Thought CIS replaced by China, all,
Ultimate CIS, if resist Russia, strike
By termonuclear force, Using a boll.

With Iran, with few bombs, to destroy
Georgia and Israel - steal brains and role
Is another prtovocation of Russia, they deploy.
Wile USA has the concenting British and French,
The other parts arround Russia - destabilizing employ.

There is also India and Pakistan, "Maltuzianists" say it's OK,
If they obliterate each other. They and their Russian partners
Also say, to resurect colonial Empires, they must use and gay
USA, than subdue it too - beside the energy blokade they have
Suck best brains, starting Georgia and israel - giving Iran a day.

My comment was stolen by Eugenio mob, why USA paying the
"Free Europe"? Now World leaders and their spies play "vors"
And use my analisis, pose as Superman-Wonderkind like Putin
That pretends he owns me and polish his and Iranian act. Is he?

In Response

by: Alex from: LA
September 07, 2012 02:06
You are nuts Konstantin. Your blabber doesn't make sense one, and what the heck does it have to do with this piece. What Russia did it? Blame others for Azeri aggression, ooh i forgot Georgia is an aggressor too. If it was for Stalin's hate for Armenians, then Western Armenia, Nakhichevan and NKR would of always stayed in Armenian hands, but he split it up between Turks and Georgians, and I omitted Azeri, because they are fictious nationality of Turks.
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
September 07, 2012 09:30
Just to the point! My posts vabnishing, I detach them
Were it is possible - if "Free Europe" closed access.

Nuts you are not, just a lying partner of Russian nazis.
To be nuts, one must have large enough mind to nut it.
Where did you get information on weapon of Rashkas?
They used "blader" hypnotists on Stalin even in 1930th.
Even since Nicolos the Second, with help of the British.

After WW2 they did it all over USSR and East Europe,
First on German children on occupied territories, than,
With mean hate - on non-Russian children everywhere.
First Russia Heroes, as Mares'ev or Kozhedub were in
The summer camps and childrenguardens, selfindulge.

Than they would join local Russian occupiers get drunk
While army of hypnotists, puring water to metalic caps,
Would go to non-Russian children - from bunk to bunk,
With spells. Many ran or jumped into window, afterward.
They tried it on me even in 1947 in Kremlin but I still fight.

Stalin agreed help Urartu refugees - Christian hospitality.
Are you claim he hated Urartians, because did not help
Repopulate South-West Georgia in Turkey by bestiality,
Urartians did in Abkhazia in 1993? Cut people like kelp?
Because he didn't help Urartians do the same in Media
And Caspean Albania - now Nahichevan' and Karabah?

Russia didn't let Urartians return to Ararat plato to Turks,
To use them spread hate in Caucasus and exploit them.
Khrutchev passed Ararat plato to Turks - use new muks,
Communist Kurds to repopulate Turks as Russian game.
Georgia was never Agressor, lier! Azerbaijan also, a trick
Was provoke their pasion craizy - like Safarov with an ax.

by: RD
September 06, 2012 19:25
This may be Baku's little bait to draw Armenia into war. The Azeris are only embarassing themselves with a president who is so inept, that he thinks because he has oil money, he can do whatever he wants. It won't be long before Azerbaijan's resources are depleted, and both Aliyev and his entire country are back to the middle ages.

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