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HRW: Syria's Torture Of Civilians Is Crime Against Humanity

A video shows what is described by antiregime activists as the torture by government forces of a "martyr" named Louai al-Amer in Houla in Homs last year.
A video shows what is described by antiregime activists as the torture by government forces of a "martyr" named Louai al-Amer in Houla in Homs last year.
Human Rights Watch (HRW) says the ill-treatment and torture of civilians has become state policy in Syria.

In a report released on July 3, the New York-based rights watchdog says torture has become a crime against humanity in Syria and should be prosecuted by the International Criminal Court.

HRW says it has identified 27 detention centers run by intelligence agencies in Syria.

Ole Solvang, a researcher at HRW, said the Syrian regime was "running an archipelago of torture centers scattered across the country."

The 81-page report says most former detainees interviewed said they were tortured or had witnessed the torture of others.

Torture methods included prolonged beatings with batons and cables, and detainees, including children, being held in painful stress positions for prolonged periods.

In other news, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has been quoted as saying he wished Syrian forces had not shot down a Turkish jet last month.

With reporting by dpa
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by: Joe Zrnchik from: Highland, IN
July 03, 2012 10:18
And for the Zionist media who printed this, there is no greater torture regime than Israel who tortures Palestinian children. Our media is such a disgusting mess that it nauseates me. It amazes me how hacks can earn a living doing this type of "reporting" that amounts to spewing out vomitous propaganda for the US torture regime. Why didn't you mention this story when our government was sending the same type of jihadists we are now supporting there to be tortured by Assad's regime? The US tortured scores of people to death in Iraq when it was people from Saudi Arabia who attacked us. We tortured Iraqi people because they resisited in illegal invasion that was perpetrated under the false pretense, as we now know, Iraqis had nothing to do with 9/11. Now everybody in the entire world knows Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 and it was al Qaeda sent and supported by the Saudi government, a government Bush conspired with to commit treason against the US to take our nation to war under false pretenses for regime change. Why is it this key fact is always omitted by the mainstream media? I am a retired US military officer and it angers me that our people let our corrupt government off the hook and become purposely ignorant. America is not the home of the free and land of the brave. We are ignorant and docile and do and believe whatever our Zionist-pandering politicians and media tell us. How can people who read and believe this type of nonsense as news be informed. Of course we know Syria tortured. In fact, often it tortured for the US and was a favorite rendition destination. Maybe that is why so many jihadists want to get rid of Assad. Maybe he cooperated with the US and tortured too many Sunni al Qaeda of the variety we are now funding. This is the type of stupid media we have to put up with in the US.
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
July 03, 2012 12:08
Precisely. In the future US will be bankrupt and will go away and then I will be happy.
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
July 04, 2012 18:37
Konstantin, why "in the future"? A number of US cities are going bankrupt AT PRESENT: the latest case of a US city gone bankrupt is that of the city of STOCKTON (CA) that filed for bankruptcy about 2 weeks ago. Before it the city of DETROIT went bankrupt. A number of other cities are waiting for their turn right now. So, please extract the phrase "in the future" from your posting :-).
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by: William from: Aragon
July 05, 2012 00:33
Many of my sentiments are expressed here, Joe.

by: rick from: Milan
July 03, 2012 16:26
what about Guantanamo torture ?

no one ""Human Rights Watch (HRW) """

was watching ?
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by: William from: Aragon
July 05, 2012 00:29
I tried to post a similar comment, Rick, but for some reason it was not posted. Beatings and various forms of torture are going on there and in other locations NOW, not just in the past.
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by: Andrew from: Auckland
July 06, 2012 11:33
Well William and Rick, either you two have not watched the complaints from HRW, various human rights groups, and even members of the US congress and senate over the last 11 years, or you are both complete morons, there has been plenty of coverage of Guantanamo and complaints of human rights abuses there, including sleep deprivation and waterboarding.

Note however, that inmates from place like Syria and Russia begged to be allowed to stay rather than be returned to their homelands where they would face real torture.
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by: William from: Aragon
July 06, 2012 22:57
Andrew, my position was that torture is going on in Guantanomo Bay now. I had no comment on the position of HRW. You would be well advised to comment on what a person actually wrote, rather than what you interpret that they wrote. It is also not advisable to make a personal attack about other commenter's mental capacity in a public forum, for reasons which have now become obvious to you.
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by: Andrew from: Auckland
July 08, 2012 08:31
Torture, if you define sleep deprivation as torture, then yes.
However, if you define electrocution, rape, fingernails being torn out, bones being broken, denial of medical treatment etc as torture, then no.

These do however occur in Syria. Not to mention RuSSia.
BTW William, learn to read, my comment was preceded by "Well William and Rick" and Rick stated HRW was not watching, you also claimed to have tried to post a similar comment. Which naturally leads a rational observer to believe that you agreed with him.

Perhaps, in your own words "You would be well advised to comment on what a person actually wrote, rather than what you interpret that they wrote"
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by: William from: Aragon
July 08, 2012 23:01
Andrew, your assumption was incorrect; my comment was on GB - I have no position on HRW. I regard your term "or you are both complete morons" as a form of cyber-bullying. Did you ever wonder why people from the Middle East, Caucasus and Southern Asia regions rarely comment on RFERL English although many can speak the language and know what is happening on the ground? It is because there are a number of contributers that resort to these tactics when they do make a comment that is at odds with the replier. You might like to ensure that you don't fall into this trap in future as it detracts from your contribution. Even better, you might like to help point this out to others when they unconciously do it - my time trying to help keep the peace and promoting "non-Anglo" comment from the rest of the world on this website is coming to a close.

by: Jack from: US
July 06, 2012 17:08
isn't it US government which practiced and practices torture? How hypocritical it is for RFE/RL to push Wahhabi propaganda here given the fact that US government not only is involved in well-documented and acknowledged cases of torture, but also US government openly sponsors Sunni militants who kill everyone who is opposed to theirs and US government's vision of "democracy". American people are just too afraid and too brainwashed to face the truth. They saw what happened to those Americans who tried to resist US government. Scores of women and children burnt alive at Waco, TX, thousands arrested and inprosoned on fabricated charges.

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