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Kazakh Border Guard Recants Murder Confession

Vladislav ChelakhVladislav Chelakh
Vladislav Chelakh
Vladislav Chelakh

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As reports emerged that a confession had been made in the mass killing of 15 men along the Kazakh-Chinese border, all eyes were turning to the lone survivor.
The military prosecutor's office in Kazakhstan has confirmed that Kazakh border guard Vladislav Chelakh has recanted his earlier confession of killing of 14 fellow soldiers and a forest ranger.

On July 25, Chelakh’s lawyer Tolegen Berliqozhanov told journalists that his client now says he did not kill anyone.

On July 23, Chelakh went through a psychiatric test, the results of which have not been made public.

Last month, Kazakh officials announced that Chelakh had confessed to the killings in late May at a remote outpost in Kazakhstan's southeast along the Kazakh-Chinese border.

The 15 men were found murdered and the outpost destroyed by fire.

Chelakh, who was also deployed at the outpost, was later found alive.

His relatives have said they believe he is innocent.

Based on reporting by KazTAG and Interfax
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