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Podcast: Rumsfeld Reflects; WikiLeaks Speaks; Uzbekistan Declares War On Rock 'N' Roll

Donald Rumsfeld, possibly listening to latest "Blender" podcast.
Donald Rumsfeld, possibly listening to latest "Blender" podcast.
In this week's episode, we present highlights from our exclusive interview with former U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

On the heels of Rumsfeld's recently released memoir, "Known And Unknown," writer at large Jamie Kirchick spoke with him about the decisions involved in the Iraq and Afghan wars, his views on the U.S. response to the 2005 massacre in the Uzbek city of Andijon, and many other topics.

Kristinn Hrafnsson
A transcript of the full interview with Rumsfeld can be found here.

Correspondent Kristin Deasy interviews Kristinn Hrafnsson, the spokesman for the controversial whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks. Hrafnsson responds to criticism about his organization's own lack of transparency and defends WikiLeaks' methods and goals.

Uzbek state television recently declared war on rock 'n' roll and rap music. A documentary called "Melody And Calamity" says this "satanic music" was created by evil forces to degrade young people in Western countries. Our Central Asian correspondent, Bruce Pannier, turns up the volume on this story.

And in our regular "Uncovered" segment, we sit down with Pete Baumgartner and Merkhat Sharipzhan, the editors of the "From Our Bureaus" desk, to discuss significant stories from our broadcast region that aren't getting their due in the Western media.

This week's host is Bruce Jacobs.

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RFE/RL's The Blender -- 3/18/11
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by: Ivan from: Sofia
March 19, 2011 04:33
Rap and Rock'n'Roll are satanic music. Music made be idiots to be listened by other idiots, who most likely idolize the first ones. This kind of music is part of the Western propaganda to brainwash the world with its "democratic" ideas until everyone becomes a slave to American imperialism. The wealthy imperialists don't listen to rap and rock'n'roll, they only export it to losers abroad, who even download it for free, thinking they're beating the system. But instead, they lose their values and the Yankees take their souls.
In Response

by: David from: Seattle
March 19, 2011 10:16
What do the imperialists listen to?
In Response

by: e.fudd
March 19, 2011 13:35
Opera, mostly Wagner.

by: Ronnie from: Scotland
March 19, 2011 09:39
Ivan by the looks of your comment on rock music it seems that you are one who has been brainwashed as everyone knows that communism and corruption narrows the mind of the people who have been brought up in backward regimes,
some rock n roll music is fantastic and i do nor believe for 1 second that you think it is all satanic, I myself do not like RAP music but I understand that it is a cultural thing that is in these people who make this music, Wake up Ivan or go back to sleep in eastern europe where ignorance reigns.

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