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Serbian President Nikolic Again Denies Srebrenica Was Genocide

Serbian President Tomislav NikolicSerbian President Tomislav Nikolic
Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic
Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic
The new Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic has again said that the killing of 8,000 Muslim men and boys by Bosnian Serb forces at Srebrenica in 1995 was not genocide.

In comments released on June 8, Nikolic was quoted as saying that "my compatriots committed a horrible crime [at Srebrenica] and I will never justify that."

But he backed the position of the Serbian parliament which removed the word "genocide" from its 2010 declaration on Srebrenica.

Nikolic had already made similar controversial comments about Srebrenica and other crimes the Serbs committed during the 1992-1995 Bosnia war shortly after he took office last month.

International courts have ruled that the killings at Srebrenica were genocide.

Nikolic is set to make his first trip as president to EU headquarters in Brussels on June 14.

Based on reporting by dpa and B92
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by: Robert Diem from: Berlin
June 10, 2012 11:26
If Srebrenica was a genocide, what is the American conquest, the holocaust :-) ... Americans slaughter more children per month for Liberty, Freedom and $$$ than the Srebrenica total population was. They killed some 8000 mudjaheedins hiding in the woods, and a dozen of fanatical muslim child-soldiers that the mudjaheedins had with them there in Srebrenica, I know I was stationed in UNPROFOR there. If thats genocide, then Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya has to be the Shoah.
In Response

by: Abdulmajid
June 13, 2012 17:29
"They killed some 8000 mudjaheedins hiding in the woods, and a dozen of fanatical muslim child-soldiers that the mudjaheedins had with them there in Srebrenica, I know I was stationed in UNPROFOR there."
"Mujahedins...fanatican muslim child soldiers" so what are you, some islamophobe? then y0u are xenophobic, racist, genocidal. SO the Serbs had a "right" to slaughter those people, or it was just a minor misdeed according to you???? So when the Serbs kill Muslims it is a good deed, you say? That they drove outthe whope Muslim population of Srebrenica that is not genocide, you say??? And you were with UNPROFOR? Doesn't surprise me, there are a lot of them who want to do inuds Mooslims as much as Karadzic and Mladic and tehir countoess willing executioners, who would be only too glad to side with them. So it is open season on Mooslims, and we (including yours truly) are there only to be your prey? And do you think we will be slaughtered like sheep? Islamophobes are the worst kind of human beings ther eis, bigots, xenophobes, racists, fascists, that's nothing to pride oneself on; and who defends teh Greater Serb anti-Bosniak genocidal crusade stands for the most unworthy and despicable cause there is. I DO NOT WISH FRIENDSHIP WITH SUCH PEOPEL, IN MY OPINION THEY DO NOZT DESERVE TO WALK THIS EARTH. THEY SHOULD BE GIVEN A DOSE OF THEIR OWN MEDICINE. I have seen and noticed the hatred, the evil, the inhumanity, the total depravity, negativeness, destructivity and criminal character of the Nazis old and new, big or small, and I see the very same in the Islamophobes (or I should better say, Anti-Muslims, specifically Anti-Bosniaks). There is just NOTHING good in such people. Nothing. Period. They are evil incarnate; if I were Christian I would say they are the Anti-Christ. If you hate Mooslims so much and you were withj UNPROFOR, then why don't you go to Afghanistan or some such place and I hope you will find there ALL you wish for us MOOSLIMS!
And just so you know, THE CROSS WILL NEVER CHASE THE CRESENT OUT OF BOSNIA! Let all those who still want to do in the Bosniaks find the very same sticky end they wish for us balije! Let their immense hatred on Mooslims spell disaster on their own heads!
And I must strongly OBJECT to the makers of this web site that Islamophobes of all kind can ghere freely spout their venom on Muslims, especially Bosniaks, say things about them zthat would lead to a term in jail if somebody said them about the Jews, but on Muslims it is allowed to spew xenophobic, racist, bigot, fascist, Nazi-style hate speech and to incite to or justify murder AND genocide against them. While if I answer back with something more than the mildest sort of rebuke it is sometimes suppressed or I am threatened with being banished from this page (for using what they - or he- say was "violent language" against someone who made unequivocally clear that he wants to see genocide committed against Muslims, for he sees them all as guilty as sin. Violent language? Wouldn't a comment like the one I'm responding to enrage even the most pacific of spirits? It nearly drove me mad half day.) What the .... ???
As for Nikolic or any of the lot, what else did you expect from them? that things will get better? No, they certainly won't.

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