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Russia, United States Spar Over Syria

Demonstrators protest against Syria's President Bashar al-Assad at Kfr Suseh in Damascus on June 12.
Demonstrators protest against Syria's President Bashar al-Assad at Kfr Suseh in Damascus on June 12.
Russia and the United States have sparred over the violence in Syria.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton again blamed Russia for making the situation in Syria worse by sending military helicopters to the regime of Bashir Assad. 

Clinton also expressed disappointment that Russia had ignored repeated requests to suspend its military ties with Syria. 

"We have repeatedly urged the Russian government to cut these military ties completely and to suspend all further support and deliveries," Clinton said. "Obviously we know because they confirmed that they continue to deliver and we believe that the situation is spiraling toward civil war and it's now time for everyone in the international community including Russia and all Security Council members to speak to Assad with a unified voice and insist that the violence stop and come together with Kofi Annan to plan a political transition going forward."

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov rejected the helicopter charge, explaining any Russian arms shipments to Syria were connected to earlier weapons contracts and that such weapons were solely for air defense systems. 

Many media reports quoted Lavrov as accusing Washington of arming Syrian rebels. However, he only said the United States was supplying "special means" to the region. 

Nevertheless, Clinton denied Washington was arming rebels in Syria.

Meanwhile, Amnesty International has accused Syrian forces of terrorizing the residents of towns believed to shelter rebels. 

In a fresh report, Amnesty said government troops and militia had dragged men from their homes, executing them and burning their bodies as their families watched. 

In Paris, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said France will propose giving the United Nations the power to enforce Kofi Annan's Syrian peace plan. 

Fabius said one of the options under consideration at the Security Council was a no-fly zone. That amid reports Syrian forces are using helicopter gunships to fire on rebel strongholds.

On the ground in Syria, state media said government forces had regained control over Haffeh after a weeklong offensive on the region. 

Free Syrian Army rebels said they had withdrawn from Haffeh at night on June 12. 

UN observers had tried to visit Haffeh on June 12, but they turned back after being greeted by an angry mob and being shot at as they tried to get out.

Based on AP and Reuters reporting
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by: wavettore from: USA
June 14, 2012 08:13
A change of direction in the Destiny of Humankind
will coincide with a new way to view ourselves.
The Awakening
will have to include at least 3 changes among the people:

1) One new Awareness.
The Creation now revealed as One single broken mirror
which is formed by the symmetry of Its fragments
also reveals the interconnection between all of us.
As Wavevolution shows us how the origin of all energy (including the human being) was first waves and then mass it also opens our eyes to our Equality.
New Awareness of the Creation will lead to a new way to view ourselves and a new form of Respect.
The “other” must become Aware of our Equality before the next War of Religion will be instigated by the Zionists.

2) One basic understanding of the similarities between
Judaism, Christianity and Islam
which are like 3 branches of one same tree.
These 3 Religions base their Beliefs on the Bible
and on the same deceiving description of God
invented by Moses about 3,500 years ago.
Today it is as if one Rabbi, one Pope and one Imam
were yelling 3 views of the World
from the top of 3 pyramids.
3 screams but one same concept.
Any pyramidal view of the World is always enemy
of the horizontal Equality
which is the base for mutual Respect.
The blasphemy of Moses expressed by these 3 Religions has now taken into a new role.
One group of individuals uses these 3 as instruments for one War which is apparently between Religions but it is instead instigated by the Zionist Freemasons to dominate the World.

3) Knowledge of the various steps of the Zionist Plan.
It is possible to read it like in a screenplay of a movie
and recognize the many sequences
that these Individuals are trying to reproduce.
In the next scene, it is as if someone were knocking at your door and holding one “sacred” book on one hand
and a knife on the other behind his back.
The people should also start to recognize the names of these individuals who work behind the scenes and use the
as weapon to instigate a World War of Religions and
to build in the end the largest of all pyramids:
the New World Order.
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
June 18, 2012 20:31
I heard about few Quislings in former USSR,
Dropp-out from Universities computers-electronics.
They were "wavele"-admirers of Russian Imperial Zcars
Offering some wave-theories, few even valid, for lying hors,
Russia's vawes of nerve gas and cut-off heads "shpionics".

Now they are going again! "Awakening"? "Awareness"?
Usurping old hype of post war USA Hindu "Magarishi"?
"Vaweevolution", "equality", "Zionists instigate... War"?
"God invented by Moses" and "Blasphemy of Moses"?
O Vawele, broken to level of invent-idiot of Ivan's-hors!

(Will continue)
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
June 18, 2012 22:20
If one would take "Creation" as wholsome that broke
Into "simmetry of its fragments" Natural competition,
We all "interconnected" by "first vawes"? Than amok
Of breeding World, competition? Than our eyes open
To Equality? Will lead to "new form of Respect" - fax?

Equality offered by "Zionists instigate Religious War"?
Well, "Vawele", you brought "Vawe Theory" to the hor
That waving its behind before the Cousins-Emperors
And pact of 1954 - Maltus-German-Norman race war!
Is half-Russian-half British "rabbet-leap Mobil" Zionist?

If I read it, rafly, as what it meant - your History sucks!
Who knows how many times Worlds were destroyed?
Last one started in heart of Georgia and the Caucasus
11-12 Millenius ago, see ""
And topography - spread-settlments and inviting locals.

It wasn't any "vawe energy" but people and help of God,
Forever you dare to spy-decect his nature. You already
Tried it on me - using my dying soul - Angel be cought,
By poisonous for Them himicals, we both walked away.
Pre-Georgians had some 20 millions years of evolution.

Cro-Magnons were invated, some were of envious kind
- Half-Georgian Kain that killed his Georgian half-brother.
God forgiven, but could't dwell among people since then
And warned let not close "snakes of bogs" - but they did.

Snakes instigated Kro-Magnons, mixed with Caucasians.
Competitions of grown population intencify hate and envy.
But you barking at the wrong tree - "snakes" betrayed us,
They came from Chaldean bogs of Shumer-Babillon area.

Through history snakes encroached in Greece and Rome,
Betraying Rome and Reme, the benefactiors. Many others
In Europe from "Germanica Inferrior" and "Magogs" Russia,
Through bogs of "Macrons" Colhida and "Zhmut" Belorussa.

Snakes-Prists of Babillon took over Egipt temple and wealth,
Sending twice armies conquer pre-Georgian Lidia and Hetia,
They did not succede and Egipt had to sign first peace treaty.
Sending Persia against pre-Georgian United Nations of Media.
Taking over pristhood of Arabs after death of Muhamed, well...

They still continue the same, running witchkraft of the Cousins
And suppliment leading World to the Empire of breed boggish,
Normans, Varanga, Prashka and Chaldeo-Babillonian snakes.
Bad tribes of Israel among them: Sams - (Russian Cossacks),
Gads -(Russian Cossacks and Adygas), Ruben - (with Urartu).

Sams also mixed with Normans and Varanga, Chaldeyka's will
(read Bibble) transferred to Normans and Varanga serabellums
And "mochalkas" - to betray and murder nations, more to breed
In their houses, Adyga their ally, to lie and to help annex Georgia.

Ruben and Chaldean Urartu - to grabb Azerbayjan and Georgia.
Levites are in Industrial countries, helping Cousins and Borgios
To controll World economy and expand - the same role playing
Muslim Chaldeans, "Respect" Russia by mortified dying nations.

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