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World's Largest Koran To Be Presented To Tatar President

The huge Koran reportedly cost around $1.3 million to produce.
The huge Koran reportedly cost around $1.3 million to produce.
KAZAN, Russia -- A Koran billed as the world's largest is to be presented to the leader of the Russian republic of Tatarstan on November 17, RFE/RL's Tatar-Bashkir Service reports.

Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov will be presented with the Koran at a special ceremony in Kazan's Qol Sharif mosque.

The book was printed in Italy on the order of Resurrection, a Tatarstan state fund involved in the preservation and revival of Tatar cultural heritage. The book weighs 800 kilograms and is 1.5 meters by 2 meters in size.

Slovenian media reported this week that the jewel-encrusted Koran was made at a cost of some 1 million euros ($1.3million) by a Slovenian-owned company based in Gorizia.

The Koran will be placed on the first floor of the Qol Sharif mosque until June 2012, when it will be moved to the town of Bolgar, the ancient capital of the Volga Bulgars -- the ancestors of the present-day Tatars who converted to Islam in 922.

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by: Jack from: US
November 16, 2011 00:36
what is "holy" about Koran? Koran is rather primitive, despicable, and hateful scripture calling for murder of infidels, and inciting Muslims to violence
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by: margo from: russia
November 17, 2011 01:14
It is obvious that you even didn't open a page of this book. Read it. Before making such accusations.
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by: Stuffed Sharrk from: London
November 17, 2011 16:54
You obviously havent read it.

Ignorant idiot.
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by: Ulkenbay from: Houston
November 22, 2011 20:09
That is Jack, who represents ignorance and you know what. Most probably he does not even know what are the holy books are....Well, what can we do..ignorance is blessed....

by: Ulkenbay from: Houston
November 22, 2011 20:05
RFE Please check and re-check facts before making statements like BOLGARS are the Tatars.
Really shame on you. Check 9 oguz tribes and HUNS in the history then understand why TATARS are called TATARS and BOLGARS who originall comes from Balkan area of Turkmenistan.
Please chek verify then publish.

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