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Zhirinovsky Pelted With Sour Cabbage In Kyiv

The woman who threw the cabbage was escorted out by bodyguards.
The woman who threw the cabbage was escorted out by bodyguards.
A woman threw sour cabbage at the Russian nationalist politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky at a news conference in Kyiv.

The young woman accused Zhirinovsky of what she called "Ukrainophobia," before Zhirinovsky's bodyguards reacted and led the woman and her supporters out of the press room.

Zhirinovsky looked very irritated and loudly reprimanded his bodyguards for "not doing their job properly.” He also claimed that the woman "was paid to do this."

The leader of Russia's Liberal Democratic Party Zhirinovsky has been known for his controversial statements regarding the statehoods of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and other former Soviet republics.

At the January 28 press conference, Zhirinovsky called on Ukraine to develop closer ties with Russia rather than "to become a second-class member of the European Union."

-- Central Newsroom
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by: Vinyk from: Ukraine
January 28, 2013 18:12
A pityworth one is the mentioned politician -- but the result is not so bad: instead of sour cabbage there could be canned fish. Sure, the cabbage is easier for laundry, than the fish with oily sauce.
Maybe, Zhirinovsky had expected to be met with a ceremonial piece of 'salo'(a pig fat/pig tallow) -- unfortunately, in Ukraine it's too cold now, and salo is not soft enough, as the sour cabbage is.
Nevertheless, Zhirinovsy could meet the most advertised Ukrainian politicans like him -- and they could try together to share cabbage and cooperate in pelting or smearing each other with something more valuable -- the more expensive scum than sour cabbage was offered.

by: Jack from: US
January 28, 2013 19:03
I disagree with Zhirinovsky. The Ukraine is not destined to become second-class bankrupt member of a bankrupt EU. The Ukraine has already become third-world country with GDP per capita less than in Angola thanks to EU-and NATO-friendly orange revolutionaries. The true destiny is - the Ukraine will keep aspiring to join bankrupt EU and keep aspiring to become another slavish NATO minion on par with Albania
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by: Jack from: US
January 28, 2013 19:40
Moishe, is that you?
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by: George from: Roanoke
February 18, 2013 14:49
Actually Jack, the reason why Ukraine is lagging behind is because it is still recovering from years of brutal Russian occupation.

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
January 29, 2013 08:16
It's interesting that the RFE/RL prefers to define Zhiri as a "Russian nationalist politician", while not mentioning the fact that his father was a Polish Jew who lived the last decades of his life in Israel and is buried there as well. And it's more: Zhiri himself tried to migrate to Israel back in the 1980s.
So, just imagine if the guy made it back then - he would most probably today head a party similar to Lieberman's there and would for sure be a member of a govtal coalition headed by Bibi Netanyahu. I am just wondering: would the RFE/RL define him as a "nationalist Israeli politician" in that case? One can be sure that they would not: in that latter case, they would define him as a "freedom fighter against the terror of Hamas".
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by: Harry from: Georgia, USA
February 04, 2013 06:03
Um, about that...

"Zhirinovsky has expressed admiration for the 1996 United States presidential election contender Pat Buchanan, referring positively to a comment in which Buchanan labeled the United States Congress "Israeli-occupied territory" and said that both countries were "under occupation" and that "to survive, we could set aside places on U.S. and Russian territories to deport this small but troublesome tribe."

Buchanan strongly rejected this endorsement, saying he would provide safe haven to persecuted minorities if Zhirinovsky were ever elected Russia's president, eliciting a harsh response by Zhirinovsky: "You soiled your pants as soon as you got my congratulations. Who are you afraid of: Zionists?""

"Zhirinovsky repeatedly denied his father's Jewishness until he published "Ivan Close Your Soul" in July 2001, describing how his father, Volf Isaakovich Eidelshtein, changed his surname from Eidelshtein to Zhirinovsky.

He rhetorically asked, "Why should I reject Russian blood, Russian culture, Russian land, and fall in love with the Jewish people only because of that single drop of blood that my father left in my mother's body?"

Both citations courtesy of Wikipedia:

by: Mamuka
January 29, 2013 10:22
Hey where's Camel? He was all excited about cabbage last week, I was sure he'd have something to say about this.
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by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
January 29, 2013 13:59
Shoooo ???The Ukrainians are not that stupid,Mamasha,they drank the vodka,ate the selyodka and kept the cabbage for the soviet liberal demuckrat.The problem here is where is the Red Nesakhrushimaya and Legendarnaya Army doing with those uppity Ukrainians who dont want to lick russian boots Eugenia and Jack style.We all think this calls for another Holodomor!!! And now,gimme back my cabbage!!!

by: American Troll
January 29, 2013 11:23
Is this any way to treat the world-renowned author of The Gulag Archipelago???


by: Governor from: USA
January 29, 2013 20:15
The Ukraine chicks are hot! I wish 'em the best!

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