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Zhirinovsky Pelted With Sour Cabbage In Kyiv

The woman who threw the cabbage was escorted out by bodyguards.
The woman who threw the cabbage was escorted out by bodyguards.
A woman threw sour cabbage at the Russian nationalist politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky at a news conference in Kyiv.

The young woman accused Zhirinovsky of what she called "Ukrainophobia," before Zhirinovsky's bodyguards reacted and led the woman and her supporters out of the press room.

Zhirinovsky looked very irritated and loudly reprimanded his bodyguards for "not doing their job properly.” He also claimed that the woman "was paid to do this."

The leader of Russia's Liberal Democratic Party Zhirinovsky has been known for his controversial statements regarding the statehoods of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and other former Soviet republics.

At the January 28 press conference, Zhirinovsky called on Ukraine to develop closer ties with Russia rather than "to become a second-class member of the European Union."

-- Central Newsroom

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