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Death Toll From Hajj Crush Now Over 1220

The stampede last month during the hajj pilgrimage near Mecca killed between 1,221 and 1,399 people, according to independent tallies by news organizations. More

U.S. GOP Candidate Trump Says Bergdahl Should Be Executed

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump says Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl should have been executed for leaving his post in Afghanistan. More

Taliban Leadership Struggle Delaying Afghan Peace Talks

Disarray within the Taliban leadership is delaying peace talks with the Afghan government, but up to 70 percent of the militant group may ultimately be reconciled with Kabul, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan said on October 8. More

NATO Open To More Afghan Troops

NATO is open to keeping more troops in Afghanistan than initially planned after 2016, defense ministers said after after a meeting in Brussels on October 8. More

U.S. Asks NATO Allies To Be ‘Flexible’ In Afghan Drawdown Plans

Defense Secretary Ash Carter says the United States has asked NATO allies to “remain flexible” as the alliance reviews its plans to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. More

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Audio What Next For The Islamic Movement Of Uzbekistan?

In early August, news broke that Usmon Ghazi, the current leader of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU), had pledged the Central Asian militant group's allegiance to Islamic State. In an attempt to shed some light on the IMU's current situation, RFE/RL’s Turkmen Service assembled a panel to discuss this development, Ghazi's leadership of the movement, and what it could mean for the IMU’s future. More

Tajikistan: The Far Outpost Of Great Powers

The risk to Tajikistan of Afghan spillover is probably not great, but it is real. Fortunately, China, Russia, and the United States take this threat to Tajikistan very seriously, and their combined efforts arguably make Tajikistan the Central Asian state least likely to experience serious difficulties emanating from Afghanistan. More
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Afghanistan's Dostum Turns To Old Ally Russia For Help

Afghan Vice President Abdul Rashid Dostum is turning to Russia, an old ally, to get support for Afghanistan's beleaguered security forces.

Taliban Flips Switch On Kunduz Women's Radio

When the Taliban recently took control of the Afghan city of Kunduz, a popular women-run radio station was one of the first buildings to be destroyed.

Afghan Elite Special Forces Take Lead

The Afghan army's elite special forces have proven they are up to the challenge of taking on the Taliban after playing a key role in retaking the northern city of Kunduz.

Kunduz Governor Reappears, Vows To Spill His 'Last Drop Of Blood' Fighting Taliban

The governor of Kunduz Province, whose whereabouts have been unknown to journalists in Kabul for the last two days, has reappeared in Kabul and is vowing to spill his "last drop of blood" to recapture his provincial capital.

Video Taliban's Brutal Measures Belie 'Charm Offensive' In Captured Kunduz

The Taliban leadership is on a charm offensive to wins the hearts and minds of the people of Kunduz. But residents of the captured Afghan city say the hard-line militia is committing widespread abuses.

Video Fear, Disbelief As Taliban Takes Kunduz

With the Taliban in control of much of the northern Afghan city of Kunduz, and government forces engaged in a counteroffensive to take it back, residents say they're bracing for heavy fighting.

Video Afghanistan Tries To Stem Tide Of Migration 'Brain Drain'

Afghanistan has launched a social-media campaign to dissuade people, especially young people, from leaving the country for Europe.

Video Pursuit Of European Dream Can Turn To Nightmare For Afghan Migrants

Of the Afghan migrants who are heading in record numbers to Europe in search of a better life, many will never make it to their final destination.
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