Thursday, May 28, 2015

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Al-Qaeda Operative Pleads Guilty To Conspiring To Kill Americans Overseas

A "high-level" operative of Al-Qaeda who fought against U.S. military forces in Iraq and Afghanistan pleaded guilty on May 26 to conspiring to kill Americans overseas. More

Afghan police officers stand guard near the site of the Kabul attack on May 26, 2015.

Second Kabul Guesthouse Targeted

An all-night gunbattle with insurgents who stormed a guesthouse in the diplomatic quarter of Kabul ended at daybreak May 27 with four attackers dead, an Afghan government minister said. More

Gunfire, Explosions Strike Central Kabul

Heavy gunfire and a series of explosions have rocked the center of Afghanistan's capital overnight. More

WATCH: Afghan Security Forces In Standoff With Militants In Kandahar

Video Dozens Killed In Afghan Attacks

Dozens of insurgents attacked several checkpoints in southern Afghanistan, killing 26 security forces' personnel in a day-long battle. More

Afghan Suicide Bombing Kills Five

An Afghan official says five people were killed in a suicide truck bombing which also wounded more than 60 in the capital of the southern province of Zabul. More

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Closer To Home, Islamic Movement Of Uzbekistan May Renew Original Goals

Militants of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) found sanctuary in Pakistan’s tribal areas for more than a decade. Now, it appears many have left and are looking for a new home. They might have found one in Afghanistan, right on the doorstep of their native land. More

Audio Central Asian Militants Return To Northern Afghanistan

There has been a lot of trouble across northern Afghanistan in recent months and one reason is the arrival of militants from the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU). More
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Photogallery Afghanistan To Ukraine: 'The Enemies Of Our Enemies Are Our Friends'

It took Afghan mujahedin nearly 10 years, and foreign weapons, to repel its Soviet invasion. A quarter-century later, Rostyslav Khotyn of RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service traveled to Afghanistan to see what that war could tell him about the current conflict in his own country.

Afghan Unity Government Split On Intelligence-Sharing Deal

A controversial security deal with Pakistan has exposed deep divisions in Afghanistan's unity government.

Afghan Intelligence Deal With Pakistan Sparks Uproar

The Afghan government is fending off a storm of criticism after it signed a security deal with Pakistan, which many Afghans accuse of supporting the Taliban.

Survivor Recalls Deadly Attack At Kabul Guesthouse

Zainullah, who was at the Park Palace Guest House in Kabul for a seminar, recounts the horrific events of May 13, when a gunman opened fire on him and other diners.

Afghan Villagers Rise Up Against Militants

Frustrated by government inaction, some civilians in northern Afghanistan have taken their security into their own hands.

Foreign Voices Ring Out In Afghan Spring Offensive

With the Taliban spring offensive under way, locals in Afghanistan's northeast are noticing a mysterious influx of foreign fighters.

The Secret Life Of Mullah Omar Revealed

In a surprise move, the Taliban has published a richly detailed biography of its reclusive leader, Mullah Mohammad Omar, even describing his personal and family life.
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